Here We Go Again Teaser


Central Boardshop presents a film that’s sure to debunk the myth that Minnesota is the only place with a shred scene in the Midwest. Actually, it’s probably all filmed in MN, what do we know, but at least the shop is in Wisconsin!

Featuring: Charlie Fenton, Ryan Barker, Peter Limberg, Nate Lavik, Max Hase, Mitch Holtz, Kyle Jansen, Blaine Limberg, and Corey Wissnik.

  • g

    here we go again with every rail that we’ve all seen a million times with better tricks, but you know do your thing right?

  • Brute Tally Honest


  • free burberry

    1:30 all smiles

  • Luv Dem Rail Sounds

    even if there are good riders from wisconsin they still gotta come to MN to find any good rails

  • tabenyaki

    Iowa is where it is at… everyone knows this

  • squares

    wisco represent

  • tristan

    that was kool

  • snowboarding

    that was sick but im getting pretty tired of seeing the same old spots in MN all the time

  • alien


  • Suckitbeat

    Im pretty sure Wisconsin is less than 30 minutes from the twin cities. So its pretty much to same thing. Yobeat Portland sucks

  • junkshow

    represent! i wanna touch myself now

  • Stufart

    ultrafear whatup

  • gutt

    way to go fellas.