Rome Local Gnar Entries Now on Facebook

While you’re wasting away your summer on the Internet, might as well head over to Rome’s page and check out the entries for the annual Local Gnar competition. This year, there’s a value-added social component too! Just think, your “likes” could make the difference for the unpopular crews who are bad at social networking in their quest for free outerwear! Ain’t democracy grand!

All the Local GNAR entries are in! Now it’s time for you to check them out. Every week, 3-4 videos in no particular order will be posted to the Rome Facebook page for your viewing pleasure! So log on, scope each edit that has a chance to walk away with the top prize of $1000 and two SDS setups.

For their effort, the top 3 GNARs will be taking home the following loot:

1ST $1,000 cash, 2 Rome Artifact Rocker snowboards, 2 pairs of 390 Boss bindings
2ND 2 Rome Artifacts, 2 pairs of 390 bindings
3RD 2 pairs of 390 bindings and 5 pairs of gloves

Hold up!… That’s not all. This year we’ll be doling out a BONUS prize of three brand new 2011/12 outerwear kits for the video that receives the most likes on our Facebook page. Since we all know your brothers, sisters, mom, dad, cousins and grandparents are constantly making comments on your wall, there shouldn’t be a problem stacking crazy amounts of “thumbs up” icons.

So spread the word and tune into the Local GNAR every week on the Rome Facebook page!