Pipe to Pipe to Reveal Magical Mini Pipe

You know what mini pipes are good for? No, not that’s what she said jokes! Washed up contests. And rumor has it, there will in fact be a washed up division at this year’s Pipe to Pipe. For the rest of the details, read on:

Sketches have been drawn, plans made and the snow prepared on Timberline’s Palmer Snowfield in preparation for the most anticipated set up in the history of the world’s longest running summer snowboard event, the Bonfire Pipe to Pipe scheduled for Sunday, July 10th.

Windells Camp park crew, lead by Chase Weaver will create not one, but two side by side mini halfpipes, with a spine in the middle and a quarter pipe at the bottom. The course will have various features and jibs strategically placed for riders to explore.

Ams will compete for prizes and Pro’s will compete for cash. Spectators are encouraged to attend, eat a free hot dog, drink free Gatorade win prizes and enjoy the best that Mt. Hood has to offer, including a free show with Canadian heavy metal band Hoopsnake.

Riders in the event can register at the WyEast Day Lodge at Timberline Sunday, July 10th between 8:30a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Registration is free and limited to the first 115 participants.

The event will be judged by Pro team riders from Bonfire Outerwear and Salomon Snowboards. For a full schedule check out www.bonfiresnowboarding.com