Firing Squad: Summer Shred!

Summer is underway, but that doesn’t mean snowboarding has stopped. In fact, record snow fall has made snowboarding possible in places far beyond the glacier this year. To celebrate, we offer you a battle themed in summer snowboarding. The entries came from across the globe, but they all share the common thread of snowboarding happening long after most people are busy working on their tans. Now it’s up to you to decide who wins this week’s gift certificate and is eligible for the grand prize battle for a Monunment 777 snowboard.

***We’ll be featuring summer snowboarding periodically throughout the summer, but next week’s battle theme will be street skating so get your shots in!***

Photo 1 by Adrian Blair

Photo 2 by Josh Fricke

Photo 3 by Christian Brecheis

Photo 4 by Adam Ramseth

Photo 5 by NJ Petersen

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The winner of this battle will receive a $$50 gift certificate good for anything at and be eligible for the monthly champions battle and a chance at a MNMNT 777 Snowboard*.

The Firing is a weekly photo competition pitting photos against each other in a battle of supremacy. If you think you can do better or you just want a chance at glamorous prizes such as a $50 gift certificate good for anything at Submit your photos for a chance at glory! Next week’s battle theme will be street skating. Send your shot in to [email protected] The top five images will do battle. A new battle begins each Tuesday. For specifics on submitting your photo, check out our submission guidelines.

*outside of the US must pay shipping

18 replies
  1. Armchair Quarterback
    Armchair Quarterback says:

    Ok, so we have:

    photo 1 with a dude wearing a flannel and a hood, clearly not summer.

    photo 2, butt shot. NEXT

    photo 3 Yeah, where’s he going?

    photo 4 Why did you take a picture of the tow rope? Oh, there’s a snowboarder in there? weird.

    photo 5 almost good (can’t go wrong with a nice method) but the little gapers in the corner kill it for me.

    So… I’ll go with photo 3 cause it has pretty colors.

  2. duditz
    duditz says:

    I’m voting for the rock photo because I imagine him crashing into the rocks almost drowning to death and the photographer having to save his life.

  3. rockbottom
    rockbottom says:

    the rock photo

    yes, there’s rocks and the fore and background, but there’s an inrun on the right and an outrun on the left. it’s a narrow tongue of snow thats embedded in these rocks. make it a pretty legit pond skim.

    plus it’s girl, not a guy

  4. Z
    Z says:

    Going with 3, great colors, exposure, and composition. You can see where he’s going if you actually spend time looking at the photo. I really dig the first photo too though, but not the 2nd ass shot or last guy in the sky photo.

  5. Gary Milton
    Gary Milton says:

    I”m going with photo 5. It’s got the best composition and colors. Also, it’s the most impressive trick cracking a method that high off of that Nike box. The 2nd photo is out of focus and is a butt shot, not really sure why anyone voted for that one.

  6. Pffft...
    Pffft... says:

    Dirty snow, bookcase, barely making contact on a small 180 over it…do you DOUBLE dare me?

    I hear his face doesn’t look much better than his ass. Just sayin’.

  7. Pffft's reality check...
    Pffft's reality check... says:

    Hey maybe that Mann Butt is the best butt you have ever seen in photo 2… I think its great, a snowboarders butt has never turned me on so much in my life of 89 years… I’m voting for Josh Fricke, he has the ability to make real snowboard porn.

    oh and think, maybe the rider is doing a 360 with a nose tap in between… but then again your an idiot

  8. yoyougotfruit
    yoyougotfruit says:

    I dont really understand how photo 2 is winning, you would think that the people who are being told to vote for that would realize not to because it is completely shitty, just sayin
    photo 5 is boss

  9. J
    J says:

    What you didn’t know about photo #2….

    It was taken with a cell phone camera

    The trick was a strait air… and he didn’t even land it

    If you saw his face, you would understand why it was a butt shot
    (and the poor exposure made it hard to see what way he was facing anyway)

    Voters were paid a total of $167.72, a taco, and a comp lift ticket
    (all for a $50 gift card)

    And the photog is blind… he uses echo-location to shoot photos

    … thanks for the love!

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