MFM Gonna Make You Rich!

Someday, we all have to grow up and find our way in the world, and apparently for Mark Frank Montoya, that time is now. We just stumbled across his site which promises to help you “attain financial freedom” and “learn how to make yourself money while you sleep like we do, 24 hours a day, seven days a week” among other mantras favorited by various financial gurus willing to share with you the secret to their success. So if you’re ready to enjoy true success and join the top 2% of earners, MFM is ready to show you! No, seriously.


  • mugsy

    nigga still on that imovie tip, buck up soulja.

  • ll

    somebody please break this scammer’s knees please

    fucking douche

  • Former Student

    Someone needs some public speaking classes. No one buys products from a bumbler.

  • Chuck Schick

    haters gon hate. MFM still has more money than you. Haha

  • This seems eerily similar to this:

  • Behnk’in


    You guys hating on MFM don’t know the half of it. The dude could probably pay you to do nothing all day and he’d still be more rich than you with your job, more motivated and unphased by your actions.

  • Watched ALL 27 minutes of this.

  • dan

    spelling mistakes on the blurbs, not that rad