People’s Court: Tyler Knutson vs Merrick Williams

This season is over which means, it’s the perfect time to put all of your footage into a timeline with some edgy indy music, weird euro techno, or the gangsterest rap music you can find. Overload it with after effects or leave it raw. Either way we need them for People’s Court so make it happen and send em in! The two riders in the battle this week managed to compile some park footage. Choose your favorite and give them a chance at Yobeat superstardom.

Tyler Knuston

Merrick Williams

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If you think these guys suck and you are way better, or you’d just like to be part of the People’s Court, send a link to your video (on vimeo or youtube, please – videos hosted on other platforms will not be be considered) with your name, address, size and a little bit about yourself to [email protected] If you’re chosen for the battle, we’ll send you an email when it goes live. Each week, the battle winner will receive a prize from the YoBeat Store. As of February 2011, the video with the single most votes each calender month will also receive a Banshee Bungee.

The People’s Court is brought to you by:

Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

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  1. fuck hunter mtn
    fuck hunter mtn says:

    WOW who could be impressed by either of them. they both blow i stopped both of them half way so i didn’t have to burn my eyes with bad snowboarding anymore bring in the they both suck and should go take snowboard lessons button please!

  2. Geeze Louise
    Geeze Louise says:

    Opposite ends of the idiot spectrum. You’ve got thrasher-flag-having, skinny-stance-riding, can-barely-make-a-turn doofus, VS. Steez-Tech, rasta-color-wearing, swiveling-to-a-monster-sponsorship butt rocker.

    They look like they are having more fun than I am right now, so I vote both instead of neither.

  3. Wow
    Wow says:

    This made me think I could send my stuff in. HAHAHAHA. Maybe i’ll send in some footage to get hated on. But idk mine may be better… Still enjoyed watching.

  4. Neil Diamond
    Neil Diamond says:

    I vote for Ian Macy over both of these fools. The last round was way better than this nonsense.

  5. Drunk Dad
    Drunk Dad says:

    Look here you ignorant fucks, if you don’t think Tyler Knutson is the clear winner than fuck you. He has more fun doin some boardin than anyone on this sight. Like who the fuck does seatbelts to flat? This mother fuckin kid does. Haters gon hate though. Fuck it I’m gonna post this shit all over Facebook and tell people to vote for Tyler. And I got a shit ton of friends so like….fuck you guys

  6. hUh
    hUh says:

    oh i get it tylers retarded so we’re suppose to feel bad and vote for him. sorry though tyler i fealt worse for merrick since his parents named him merrick

  7. Drunker Dad
    Drunker Dad says:

    Hey “huh” you think it’s fucking funny to make fun of retards? Well I do too cuz that shits fuckin tight. But Tyler doesn’t look retarded he just likes to have a good ass fucking time. Its people like you trying to have some fun on the Internet that make me wanna take a bath with my toaster oven. Everyone should vote for merrick because he probably smokes weed and that shits mad tight. And by mad tight I mean “hella chill”….I voted for Tyler cuz that’s the motha fuckin shit and if you disagree suck a couple pimple covered dicks

    sTEVE HARVEY says:

    hey WOW. just cause the other guy could spin doesnt mean anything. snowboardign is what you make it if you wanna spin spin if you wanna zeach cause its mad tight do it. either way both are having a good time boarding. on another note drunk dad is a washed up kook who probably is a retard. just sayin.
    Yeah for snowboarding.!

  9. Gerald
    Gerald says:

    merrick wasnt even that bad. at least he had some good tricks, back one on cab three out and backtail 270 switch and reg. tyler NUTson did nothing but tailgrabs and boardslides. definitely the second vid

  10. G
    G says:

    tell me why the fuck tyler is even on here? he did not a single spin and his “bangers” consisted of 50-50’s, boardslides, and tindy’s, come on, this was a fucking joke.

  11. G
    G says:

    riding like tyler is a choice not everyone wants to spin to win you fucker. its a style it doesnt make him good or bad. go have fun. thats what its all about. fuck that rasta steeze bullshit

  12. David
    David says:

    I bet if people stopped buying all those rasta Tahoe T-shirts, they would stop making them….I seen that same hoodie at mt bachelor all the time…

  13. Steez tahoe
    Steez tahoe says:

    Merrick was clean and steezy, a few zeaches for sure but if you chalk his tricks up to spins and swivels yout blind. Miller flip, hardway 1 on 1 out, gnarly feature trickery, and just straight up cleaniness. Merrick for sure, I know at least 5 girls in tahoe that got the first guys part and then some.

  14. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    I like how this Tyler kid has all his friends like “hella backin” his shit in the comments

  15. "hella"
    "hella" says:

    Why would you hate on a kid who has supportive buddies he rides with? Yeah snowboarding isn’t a team sport but isn’t it all about going out and having fun with your friends? The kids are probably stoked their friend is on yobeat. Yeah he may not be the best rider in the world but he has killer style and he got an edit on a popular snowboard site. I’d be hyped too

  16. yourdad
    yourdad says:

    You guys are all idiots. These aren’t contests for who has the friends with the sweetest dicks or who has the most fun. It’s about who is better at snowboarding. “OMG who does seatbelts to flat, his friends encourage him the whole way!” Good lord. News flash, everybody likes to have fun snowboarding, that’s the whole point of doing it. That doesn’t mean your edit is good. I’m going to watch Ian and Jordan’s edits and wish there was a neither button here.

  17. D
    D says:

    And what was that feature at the end???? Down up-left down? And he spins out? This vid kills both of last weeks vids. Not to mention the mass amount of switch tricks in it.

  18. Bear
    Bear says:

    I was very impressed with Merrick’s video.It’s not far to compare his video to this tight pants gangsta … Even Tyler’s facebook friends must agree with me cause he is in the lead! all of you on here talking shit- you must really suck at riding… Does it make you feel better to criticize through a keyboard???

  19. Wrecking Crew
    Wrecking Crew says:

    WHAT THE FUCK??!?!??! the first video is a complete joke right?? Probably the worst shit I have ever seen. Merricks footy was good for sure..definitely throw some more variety in it next time…pow/jumps/speed…but come on YOBEAT the first video is fucking awful…and should have never been associated with mt. Bachelor, which is an epic mountain..


  20. AB
    AB says:

    Mt Bachelor is full of nothing but crackhead 30 year old gangsters who smoke meth in the parking lot

  21. G
    G says:


    just because Merrick’s part kicked your friend Tyler’s ass doesn’t mean he wasn’t having fun doing it so who the fuck are you to judge that? also, you posting this on facebook and getting people to vote for it really seems to have worked since Merrick has 76% of the vote bitch!

  22. hahahha
    hahahha says:

    HAHAHAHA second kid is clearly better at snowboarding… but he probably hates every minute of it! give me a break, i’m sure they both have the same amount of fun.. unless the first kid is actually “slow”, then he might actually be having more fun… come on now, serious….

  23. Me
    Me says:

    Dear Tyler, ironically grabbing tindy is only cool if you do something else besides ironically grabbing tindy.

  24. Stinky Jesus
    Stinky Jesus says:

    How come every time someones edit sucks they have to pull the “BUT IT WAS FUCKING FUN, ALRIGHT!?!?!?!” card?

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