CAPiTA SuperCorp to Officially Defend Awesome

It’s official: CAPiTA is making a movie! Maybe you already read about it unofficially way back in November but in a much anticipated (by Sean Tedore) official announcement on the High Cascade street course June 16, Blue Montgomery officially said it into a microphone, making it super official. In addition to the announcement, the entire CAPiTA team was there, there were movie posters and free Tshirts and the kids we’re officially stoked.

The first teaser for “Defenders of Awesome” will drop Tuesday June 28th, when you, the people who read the Internet, will officially be hyped, but until then, here are some pictures of the VIPS and lucky High Casade campers who were the first to witness this official announcement.

*** Catch the Windells edition of the event, tonight, June 17 at 7 PM pacific LIVE! RIGHT HERE***

This is what happens when you tell kids the first 60 people in line get a FREE T SHIRT!

CAPiTA Super Corp president Blue Montgomery presides over the festivities

Dan Brise and Andrew Burns meet and greet

Blue and his new hire, Sean Tedore

The lovely ladies of CAPiTA

This Scott Stevens-signed poster may already be on eBay.

Happy campers!

And if you aren’t officially bummed on not being at camp right now, here are five tricks from day 1 from

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