Oh No, It’s Trouble Andrew

Wonder when the last time Trevor Andrew actually strapped on a snowboard was? Doesn’t matter, his brief career will enable us and every other snowboard site to feel obligated/inspired to post his music videos cause you know, we totally hung out with him at that contest that time. No big deal.

via Snowboardermag.com

  • Dirty mike

    HAHAHAHA, nice admin

    Love this guy, in AK we SMASH to his beats. None of my friends know who he is. His cameos in the Absinthe films are sick!

  • Please, trevor andrew slayed. He had one of the best mctwists ever and delivered some killer BC video parts. style for miles

  • Diggles

    He had a cover one time too. Snow Board mag I believe. And now he is married to Santigold. I’d say he is doing ok.

  • Chuck Schick

    Like it. Pretty good role Trevor plays there, considering he’s never had a job.

  • bry

    funny he’s more successful with music, when he’s way better at snowboarding than singing.

  • God his wife is hot!! Oh yeah, good tune and he’s a legend don’t hate

  • karnkarn

    Greatest thing out of Nova Scotia. Good Urban there but few hills and lots of ice.