The Lost Waterville Tape


We’re not sure where this tape was, or if it ever even existed, but it’s been uncovered now, so watch it.

Riders: Al Grogan, Marc Olivieri, Henry Padden, John Ingham and Eugene Stancato

  • karnkarn

    The boys! Padden had some sexy tricks. WV park looked funn

  • anotherMasshole

    WV’s park was awesome this year, $99 park pass. Setup was even better in the spring. fuck this summer shit.

  • Parks Bonifay

    Eugene Craig Stancato has the best stretch armstrong arms and should have won the vans triple crown of wakeboarding.

  • Gre

    Waterville sucks dick

  • ryanmo

    looks like fun!

  • that guy


  • amanda

    verrrrr nice

  • enrique

    that looked really fun

  • m dot

    good shit here

  • magoo

    fuck yea al