People’s Court: Jordan Soohy vs Ian Macy

Growing tired of the Park City edits? This week we move across the country to Seven Springs where these two dudes love to shred some park. Both edits feature a lot of jibbing and grinding for you to pick apart, judge, and comment on. And I’m pretty sure these guys are BFFs so this should get interesting. Vote for who you think killed it harder or for who you think sucked less. Either way, the winner is gonna win some rad Yobeat gear and a chance at taking home a Banshee Bungee at the end of the month.

Jordan Soohy

Ian Macy

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If you think these guys suck and you are way better, or you’d just like to be part of the People’s Court, send a link to your video (on vimeo or youtube, please – videos hosted on other platforms will not be be considered) with your name, address, size and a little bit about yourself to [email protected] If you’re chosen for the battle, we’ll send you an email when it goes live. Each week, the battle winner will receive a prize from the YoBeat Store. As of February 2011, the video with the single most votes each calender month will also receive a Banshee Bungee.

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Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

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  1. yourdad
    yourdad says:

    Dinosaurs in Outerspace fully endorses both of these gentlemen, and also firmly believes Cooper Thomas couldn’t drink more than 4 beers if you paid him.

  2. john
    john says:

    jordans part was better, but i give ian a ton of credit for filming and editing all year and still getting footage that good,

  3. G
    G says:

    Gotta give this one to Jordan since he actually hit some jumps and spun (granted, those jumps were 15 ft. max) and Ian, you look like a fucking idiot with that 131 board and maxed in stance, consider getting a board that fits and work up to some other tricks than methods on the small side Brighton jumps (even the bigger option isn’t “big”) and a hucked backflip on a 10 foot jump)

  4. jealoushate
    jealoushate says:

    Both of these guys shred for sure, but if youre riding seven springs,brighton,and windells parks all the time you should be at least as good as them

  5. iMacy
    iMacy says:

    I ride a 153 and I’m 6’2″ I might not look pretty when I sboard but I’m sure having one hell of a better time that you!

  6. john g
    john g says:

    ^ i think your snowboarding looks pretty damn good and a hell of a lot better then all of these haters. this was a close battle i want to vote for jordan for his np through the s but ian had a couple clean 270s so i just cant pick

  7. Uhhhhdanana
    Uhhhhdanana says:

    NP through the S was beastly but had to give my vote to Macy. Both men deserve a solid handshake, cold beer, and hot blunt though.

  8. rob
    rob says:

    say what you want about stances but there is no way you can say either of them are bad snowboarders. niether of thier snowboarding looks bad either. good battle this week, my vote goes to macy for that front 270 backlip. solid part from jordan as well though.

  9. Chris Shields
    Chris Shields says:

    All the shredin was super sick, My mouth dropped on nosepress through the s.. That’s beastly. Giving this one to jordan. Also stay tight and close when your filming fish.. It’s not that difficult to keep a camera somewhat steady.. Nothing worse then shaky out of focus fish filming. Get wit it! It’s 2011.

  10. herpderp
    herpderp says:

    Both were pretty much the same in as far as technical difficulty and skill goes.
    The editing on Ian’s was worse. The random shifts to black and white were dumb and there were several inconsistencies with color on the colored shots. Didn’t really care for either riders’ style, but Jordan was the lesser of two evils. Ian, I suggest you widen your stance a little bit and get off the child’s board. It would do wonders for your style since stability seemed to be an issue.
    The main reason I’m giving this one to Jordan was for that nose press on the S rail. Dude, that was sooooo sick!

  11. Beetle Juice
    Beetle Juice says:

    Damb im pretty sure that skinny of stances makes tricks harder.
    so they both get my vote.

    Nose press through the s was bokers

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