It’s Official: Tedore Joins the CAPiTA Pro Team

Believe the hype. Sean Tedore is officially a member of the CAPiTA Super Corp pro (desk) team. If you catch a glimpse of him in Welches or Govy today, he may even have a sticker for ya! Here’s the official release direct from C3 world headquarters.

  • It’s too bad he crashed on it, because he was the best at switch frontstide 90’s.

  • jm

    why is this one big jpeg? formatting fail.

  • john colvin

    so so so great to hear… welcome to the right side Tedore!

  • seattlite

    He “personally designed them” right…..

  • Teddy Ruckspin

    Its not hard to win good woods when your mega-corp buys full page adverts….. just sayin, unless Capita is stepping it up with front cover adds the star wonder can kiss those awards goodbye.