Stumping Grounds #1


Only a crew from Oregon would start a snowboard video series in June. We think they’re probably starting slow as not to blow their load and fail to put out any more episodes, but either way, we’re gonna leave this one up to you…

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Riders: Jeff DeForge, Jay Hergert, Charlie Mayforth, And Friends
Filmed an Edited By Cameron Weeg

  • ble

    fuck it, fresh content is fresh content, but i still chose the one about hitting more features

  • lil boosie

    shit’s weak there will better videos to watch this summer

  • mehhh

    sure but only if they film on sunny days so it’s not dark, the lens doesn’t have rain on it, and I can tell what is happening.

  • RIorDIE


  • BigPoppa

    god oregon is depressing

  • magoo

    i liked it, fuck the sun in june, too hot to shred

  • leeloo

    I think that jay hergert guys part is almost all switch………not a bad vid

  • he$h

    jay is regular footed people. and its oregon, its never sunny here. deal with it

  • TIlion!

    If Colin Whalen is in the next one im down

  • Woody

    Only if they promise to stop wearing dark clothing with a backdrop of dark trees.

  • mrej

    the goods

  • Guywiththepinkie

    So video wasnt that bad… get over the fact that we wear dark clothes, cause im not changing! And boohoo i hate oregon it rains… get real. im still snowboarding!!!! and will be all summer. NOW WHAT! your stuck on the couch.hahahahaha sucked to be you. But next vid will have better lighting, and more jibs! just wait.

  • mehhh

    excuse me but it is sunny in Oregon during the summer and I will be snowboarding as well so.. you’re dumb.

  • alexa

    yeah boys! keep on doin that thang ya doooooo

  • JAY HERGERT muthafuckaaaaa

  • gopro……

  • only if they can make it so my ADD won’t kick in after 15 seconds like it did on this one.

  • The High Giggler

    I thought that was a pretty good video, and I certainly want to see more.
    I just hope that they get the message that it needs to have a little more thought put into what day to film on, or make some adjustments if the sun doesn’t come out ever…
    but still a sick video. Hergert killed it. big ups

  • DOMidwest

    if they get a better cam share them all

  • Gerald


  • sean

    tennessee is where its at in the summer for shredding….its only about 95 degrees and humid every day so its perfect conditions