Park City 1990


It seems lately we’ve been somewhat obsessed with two things around here: the early 90s and Park City. So you can imagine our excitement when this gem came across our desk. It features Terje, Jamie Lynn, Craig Kelly and friends slashing around Park City not giving a care, because they’re rebellious snowboarders in the 1990’s. The only thing we can’t figure out is why Park City is apparently still using the same obstacles it was back then…

  • beer


  • Man these dudes are sure way ahead of their time.

  • BenR

    with those tiny little stances I thought for a second this was a tranny finder video.

  • TIlion!

    Glad I didnt see cole st. martins dick in this

  • ….


  • Dirty mike

    its all footy without the faction

  • old man

    I was a filmer back in the day and 0:41 and 0:47 prove that this really was flimed/edited in the 90’s, great work kids.

  • KRush

    Oh yeah…I remember those days…in the 90’s when Park City only allowed skiing…and then they only decided to allow snowboarding because they got the Olympic bid…man, that place must be sweet.

  • check out the best pipe run ever video. funny as hell. pat moore is a boss.

  • JanBanan

    those stances are gnarly.