Shorts and Shades 4!


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The real Tre Squad Shorts and Shades from Bachelor closing day. And on a Friday, no less!

Rippers: Lucas Wachs, Spencer Schubert, Gus Warbington, Austin Ford, Blake Geis, Logan Beaulieu, Max Warbington, Jake Selover, Dru Brownrigg, Zach Ferguson, Kyle Fischer and more!

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  1. TIlion!
    TIlion! says:

    I like how spencer gets the intro of every edit hes in. I hope this means he gets AMMO opener!

  2. nigga stole my bike
    nigga stole my bike says:

    the editing was terrible, but i think that’s why i loved it so much. get scummit outta here, the skier made the video really funny

  3. Dirty mike
    Dirty mike says:

    The skier totally made it! Ha-fucking-larious guys, that was so great. Made me wanna go ride with the homies so tough!

  4. Hansi
    Hansi says:

    That video beats out all that tripod after-effects shit anyday, made me want to overshoot jumps allday

  5. Skunky J
    Skunky J says:

    This edit is great! They’re clearly all having a fantastic time. I love it when you can just tell that the people in the video are having FUN.

  6. dipsnow
    dipsnow says:

    Wow…i laughed the whole fu*8in time. ICKS and TRESQUAD need to party….most entertaining shit in the game.

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