Loons Laps with Tyler L’heureux


Another little piece of video hype from Keep the Change. With a cameo by Cole St. Martin.

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  1. scummit co
    scummit co says:

    Good..but no dylan dragotta or mike rav! I wanna see johnny oconnors full loon part that dudes a beast!

  2. scummit co
    scummit co says:

    let me reiterate please,
    i’m extremely gay, i think i’m really cool and i think i know everything because i moved to summit.
    somebody kill me

  3. shitballs
    shitballs says:

    damn, scummit has filled the place of that criminal jerm rather nicely. everyone yell at him for being honest about what he considers good snowboarding on three.
    one… two…

    also i really wanna see a johnny oconnor edit next

  4. scummit co
    scummit co says:

    Yea thanx shitballs…like fer real no one can honestly tell me this is better than dylans or mikes loon footy…this is a good edit I just said it doesn’t compare to thoes other dudes..all you little fucks can suck it from the back and keep hating on summit county all you wan ur just ignorant

  5. scummit co
    scummit co says:

    as i said earlier. i like getting waist deep in dick. i like the feel of a throbbing penis resting on my chest.

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