The Mt Hood Camping Guide


It’s almost summer snowboard time and you didn’t score that cushy camp job you were hoping for. Don’t despair, lack of income or place to live is no reason not to make the trip to Mt. Hood anyway. There’s tons of snow, the public park is waiting for you, and a little roughing it never killed anyone. Cause yeah, let’s face it, to afford lift tickets, your broke ass will have to camp. Luckily we’ve compiled this handy list of your best bets for natural accommodations and as an added bonus, our friends at Poler have agreed to give away a One-Man tent, before you can even buy them. To win, you’ll have to read on (or just skip to the end.)

Old Timberline Road

Every summer tent city appears about a half mile up Old Timberline Road. Getting there is easy, but it’s often overcrowded, so get there early and bring friends. Seriously, some creepy dudes have lived there in the past, and after the overdose that took place a year or so ago it’s become kind of the “party camp.” You can always drive up a bit further, but it’ll be colder, your commute will be longer and no one will be able to hear you scream.

Pros: Long-term campground. Possible good times. Free.

Cons: Can be shady. Can be boring. Hippies. Seriously, there’s always some dude with dreads.

Timberline Parking Lot

You’re going to need a car, but this is the place to be for the laziest rider. You’re feet from the hill, and if you wake up early you can get up top quick enough to dig-to-ride. Once parked, if you’re smooth, you can pull off multiple nights (weeks?) in the main lot by taking an overnight parking spot. But, for those of you hiking the public park, the old lot just right of main will be a hassle free slumber for the entire summer.

Pros: Safe. Fun in the afternoon. Free. Quick hill access. Stars at night.

Cons: Cold at night. Blisteringly hot when you wake up. Don’t forget to crack the windows.

Parked Car in Govy

Park anywhere East of Exit Real World and West of Charlies and you’re in for a great nights sleep. You have to move your car from time to time so the cops don’t catch on, but your only other threat is drunken buddies carrying rocks and full bladders.

Pros: Party all night. Cobradogs is your neighbor. Camp is right there. Good times.

Cons: Your car will get fucked with. You may get in trouble with Johnny Law. Camp will hate you.

Behind the Burton House

Jonah Owen tried this multiple times last summer. It works for a minute, but the cops really aren’t too fond of this spot.

Pros: Safe, fun, funny.

Cons: Tickets, proximity to campfire, the Frends crew fucking with you.

Actual Campgrounds

Got money? Don’t drink? This is your spot. But, if you don’t have the cash, these places will bankrupt you. Also, they are too far to drink and drive to. You’ll hit a tree and die, or just get pulled over leaving Govi. Don’t mess with mountain cops, they like to crack skulls.

Pros: “Camping”

Cons: Everything else.

“That” Abandoned Building

Govy is full of abandoned buildings, and plenty of dudes have called them “home” over the years. Last summer two buddies slept in a windowless, doorless, piece of shit shack for months. If they can do it, so can you.

Pros: Free. A roof. Walls. Hilarious.

Cons: Chicks think you’re homeless. Cops will arrest you. Crazies will shoot you. It could catch fire while you’re asleep. Animals may eat you.

The Ark

This infamous Windells compound exists on the boundary of “holy shit” and paradise. It’s a full-blown mancamp full of all sorts of hidden dangers you can’t even imagine. But, Austin Hironaka has set up tents before, and who’s to say you can’t be next?

Pros: You’re going to have fun. Skate Windells maybe.

Cons: You’re going to have too much fun, have you ever been set on fire? It sucks.

For your chance to win this Poler One-man tent (plus a T-shirt and Trucker hat) just comment and tell us, in 140 characters or less, what you plan to do with it. You don’t have to camp at Mt. Hood to be eligible, any fun/scary/sad use will make you eligible. The best answers will be retweeted by @polerstuff and the very best answer will win it’s answerer a free tent! (It’s that simple, just make sure to use your real email address so we can contact you when you win.) The winner will be chosen on June 8, 2011.

If you’re feeling unlucky, or you just wanna be the first to know when Poler stuff hits the stores, head over to the Poler site and sign up for the mailing list (or just enter your email below)

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98 replies
  1. maxswell
    maxswell says:

    I would still sleep under the stars cause tents are for pussies and dudes with girlfriends. Unless it rains. Spanktuary.

  2. Stephanie Lee
    Stephanie Lee says:

    It’ll be the meat locker (me) for any bears, mountains lions, coyotes, wolves etc when I go camping for the first time in Colorado this summer. And you people think Australia is scary with snakes and spiders?

  3. zakk the bear
    zakk the bear says:

    I’d throw it in my pack, use it up in Desolation Wilderness as I hike Mt. Tallac in the Seirra BC and shred down to a case of beers.

  4. justin brown
    justin brown says:

    I would need it for when I’m broke so I can travel anywhere with it. That would be really nice.

  5. mizL
    mizL says:

    Tline employees are dicks look out for Lauren and the rest of his goons out trying to bust people for hiking up to public park, seems this is more a thing of the past these days…sadner

  6. jaredthedolphin
    jaredthedolphin says:

    hmmmmm. summers here. My plan right now is a coastal bike/skate adventure. I’m going to head from bellingham, Wa, through the san jauns, onto vancouver island, make my way over to the Olympic Pennisula and cruise the 101 as far south as my legs and rear can carry me. The oly penn has sum radical skateparks as well as coastal oregon, not to mention the abundent spots mother nature has afforded us. Ive made this trip countless times via car but i’m ready to move a lot slower and take in all the nortwest truly has to offer. Just had the idea about two weeks ago and it’s on. Only thing i’m missing, a side car for my 13 year old siberian husky, Mr. P……… and a tent. Bring on the good times…….

  7. williamanthony
    williamanthony says:

    I’d probably bang my girlfriend in it then high five her while downing a bronson because she’d be stoked on my new tent.

  8. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    This beaut of a tent would be in my trusty backpack in the wild. Away from suits, ties, the man, cars, fast food, naysayers, and trust fund kids. Where no one intrudes.

  9. Doug M.
    Doug M. says:

    The one man tent is my sanctum. From the outside the walls look paper thin. On the inside they feel 10 feet thick. It will be the to find what’s left of me when the mountains spit me out at night

  10. Benny the Jet
    Benny the Jet says:

    i’ll use it to set up camp at the top of the bear mountain park all season next year and i’ll have a blunt rolled for chris bradshaw every time he gets off the chairlift.

  11. kevin
    kevin says:

    I will work up at the Timberline lodge and camp and shred all summer in the middle of some ghetto ass woods. I intended on making an epic road trip to Wyoming to get in some fishing and hiking and later indulge on a ten day trip from the Santiam pass back up to hood on the Pacific Crest trail with all the homies. When the Oregon Country fair rolls around I’ll be there doing god knows what. Not to mention long boarding in Govy and mt biking Skibowl and Timberline. Summer iz gonna be dope…..that tent would be sick as well..

  12. lurk
    lurk says:

    govy right now is funny because no one has anywhere to live and the locals aren’t ready to submit their town to us for the summer

  13. Brad
    Brad says:

    I’d add one woman to the titular equation and take it with my on my American Southwest road trip this summer ending in Mesa Verde, CO.

  14. GJ Hood Lover
    GJ Hood Lover says:

    Well, I’m not sure how accurate this Mt. Hood camping guide is, cuz it doesn’t mention anything about the airstrip and all the free camping that is down by trillium lake. Staying down there is the best, you can have a fire, it’s free, and they’re right by the Timberline exit. Airstrip 4 life.

  15. gerry.
    gerry. says:

    as soon as I finish my summer courses, i plan on hitting the road and cruising the midwest for a few months before returning to the real world, or becoming a full time hobo. sleeping in cars is fun and all, but having a tent would be a perk.

  16. merOregon
    merOregon says:

    I would take that on the 50 mile hike I’m doing in August up in Washington because i don’t have a tent now.

  17. yourdad
    yourdad says:

    I would take it snowboarding with all my friends, and after boardin we would all drink whiskey and take a big gay nap inside.

  18. jenn
    jenn says:

    My plan is to pack light… i’d throw it in my bag and my girlfriend and I will will head to Hawaii to surf and sleep on the beach, among other things. Yeah, it’s a one man tent, but two ladies don’t need tons of room to get their aloha on.

  19. Mayhem
    Mayhem says:

    I would use the tent as a trap, catching one of the lucky few to get a job at a summer camp. I would then pretend to be that person and get to work at a summer camp.

  20. bry
    bry says:

    amendment: Exit is now above charlies! I’d use Cobra dogs as a better Eastern border reference…

  21. chadmo
    chadmo says:

    I need this tent because I like to get my nature on and “free” fits my budget of “broke”

  22. Duder
    Duder says:

    1st. Call it my cave. 2nd. Don a bear suit. 3rd. Camp outside city hall. 4th. Scare the mayor into freezing rent increases.

  23. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    A one man tent calls for some one man adventures. I Plan on driving up the coast of california in my Vanagon and setting up camp with this tent at different state beaches such as El Capitan as well as head up towards Santa Cruz and Big Sur. Get some alone time with nature and the ocean. Read some books, catches some waves. As for the trucker hat and shirt I’d wear them the whole time. documenting it with my cameras for everyone to see my poler one man adventures.

  24. High Noon
    High Noon says:

    Lets face it. Summer time comes and leaves quick in Oregon. My friend and I have decided to forgo spending the whole summer here and instead travel. He’s got his own shit but I don’t. We’ll be hittin AZ, CO, Lake Tahoe, and miscellaneous places in Oregon. Whiskey, burgers, and a harmonica are all things we’ll be bringing and all we’ll need. Except maybe a tent for me to sleep in as well…shit!

  25. matty
    matty says:

    I would actually go shred mt. hood. ride my moped cross country from NY and camp all summer…cause hey, I could die tomorrow…and if I did, I would be super pissed my mommy didnt have enough money to send me to camp when I was 13. But I am old enough and poor enough to know better than to let another summer go by without being there. xoxo-matty

  26. John
    John says:

    trying to like trip on mad mushrooms and look at a tree for 4 hours. Then ill sit in the tent after.

  27. jon
    jon says:

    To be honest i would use this poler tents just to live the life. My dad has always been telling me stories about how he backpacked and hitchhiked all across america. I dont want to camp because its cheeper than a hotel! i want to camp for the sake of actually camping! Im probably going to buy one of the tents anyways, but winning one would be the campers fresh patch of non-poisonous berries if you know what i mean. (cherries on top)

  28. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    I will take said tent, and i will place it in Jerm’s moms front yard (because im pretty sure he must still live in his moms basement). I will then proceed to bang his mom in it at least like, 3 to 4 times, and on the last night of my camp out, give her an angry dragon into a bloody wheelbarrow. look it up.

  29. Pat Bethel
    Pat Bethel says:

    I live in Christchurch NZ and my house is one aftershock away from a wrecking ball. so this would give me a bit of a buffer from the rain

  30. Nikita
    Nikita says:

    hahahaha gonna go camping! Me and a couple of homies nick, nick, matt and kyle are going to hike up seymour bc, find a cozy crevice and stay for hopefully 3 nights(if we dont eat all of out food). Now how to get some beers…

  31. D-Dawg
    D-Dawg says:

    I would use the sweet Poler tent to make my own private basecamp above the snowboard/ski parks at Timberline this summer. I will see all the beautiful stars at night at 10000 feet, watch the sunrise while drinking coffee, and have campfires at dusk. After im done shredding n hanging w all the peeps during the day…back to basecamp..with my sweet Poler tent waiting for me..just so I can do it all again! The Poler tent will help me even better to “live the dream”. It represents freedom! <3

  32. fuck you
    fuck you says:

    to be honest, if i win this tent it will be lying in my garage for who knows how many years, until one day my future wife makes me clean it out, and i re-find it. by then my future 8 year old son will sell it in a garage sale for $3

  33. GnarSquad
    GnarSquad says:

    yo thanks for blowin that shit up. i should get the tent because now i have to find a less packed, further away place to live all summer. shittt

  34. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    -explore acadia national park
    -move into the living room (sharing a room for the next 5 months)
    -road trip out west in the fall

  35. jeffy
    jeffy says:

    pitch the mother fucker in some randoms front lawn, claim manifest destiny and that it is my lawn now and call it “the tent of 1817”

  36. heavier
    heavier says:

    Following my victory and acquisition of the tent, I would casually and methodically fill it with my overstock of extension cords.

  37. Blake Geis
    Blake Geis says:

    I’d give the tent to my buddy jordan who is doing a solo bike trip from truckee to the redwoods, then down the coast all the way to san diego and he is going without a tent right now.

  38. Jeff "Rufus" Haynes
    Jeff "Rufus" Haynes says:

    I’m an avid world traveler for kiteboarding, paragliding, mountainboarding, skiing, and snowboarding. This is a lifestyle tent that fits my needs. If I don’t win it, I’m going to buy one anyways. NEED!

  39. good cause
    good cause says:

    now personally I will not be homeless this summer in Govy, I’ll have a house, BUT I’d set the tent up in our backyard so if your drunk ass can’t make it home.. well you can crash in this baby.

  40. ball sack
    ball sack says:

    I would poop in it and also store all the bodies of stray campers I find inside it.

  41. whoa!!
    whoa!! says:

    ill just go fishing and camp out with a campfire at night and enjoy the fish i caught early during the day…

  42. Kyleefff
    Kyleefff says:

    Id sell it for money to buy lift tickets, then go steal it back at night while the dude is sleeping in it. And then sell it again, for more lift ticket money. And then steal it, again. And this cycle would just keep going until I either, get killed, arrested, banned from timberline, or eaten by wolves and hippies in tent village.

  43. tom b
    tom b says:

    id never touch it and forget about it…then sell it at a tag sale in 10 years when i found it covered in dust in my closet

  44. dylan dez
    dylan dez says:

    not sick, should have never posted this, you know about the places if youve been and firgured it out, if you dont know then you should learn the hard way. crews have classic spots they dont need blown up, youll get booted. abandoned buildings are already taken by og locs already too.

  45. jimmah
    jimmah says:

    I would use it to camp outside across the road from some private irks only school and creep on some poonani

  46. Nick Nack
    Nick Nack says:

    I would use the tent for a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail that I am planning to do.

  47. Luoma
    Luoma says:

    I would continue a family tradition of camping in the BWCA, the Porcupine Mountains, The north and south shores of Lake Superior and everywhere else in between. I’m getting married this summer, would love to have a family tent to shelter my kids someday!

  48. Knick
    Knick says:

    I will be posted up at night at my ghetto Rhodi cabin, but I will place this tent with the others for peeps to sleep in out on the back deck (if the couches and beds are taken).

  49. Derek
    Derek says:

    If i were to get this tent i would take it with me to the patch in Tahoe were they still have snow and ride some rails, camp with the homies, bbq it up and then catch some zzZZzZz,thats what i would do with the poler tent…

  50. Piles
    Piles says:

    i’d take that poler tent straight to the air strip, then crack make a twist, crack a barley pop and set that shit up being mindful of dogshit. the following morning would mean awake, bake and pick that tent up, crush it down, throw it in the trunk and drive up to the hill. actually, if poler wre to hand out gas cards to get down to hood i could just hose off the old tent.

  51. handsomericky
    handsomericky says:

    When I win this tent, I will be stoked, plan a camping trip, end up getting distracted, not go, leaving the tent in my closet all alone. Then one random day, I will use it and brag how cool it was to win a tent. seriously bragable.

  52. jackdaniels
    jackdaniels says:

    give it to a desperate bro so he has somewhere to masturbate privately when he’s sick of man camp.

  53. assflaps
    assflaps says:

    id make a blog about the tent, film it in its natural enviornment, make a documentary, sell it to animal planet, then die of a heroin overdose while skydiving out of a motherfucking helicopter

  54. pam
    pam says:

    I’d re-name to ‘poler one-lonely-woman tent’. set ‘er up. lay back and fill my mind with pleasant thoughts of Keegan coming with the tent. (and me 😉

  55. pam
    pam says:

    I’d re-name to ‘poler one-lonely-woman tent’. set ‘er up. lay back and fill my mind with pleasant thoughts of Keegan coming with the tent. (and me)

  56. burnzkid
    burnzkid says:

    Sell it to some sorry sack of shit who wants to spend the summer camping around Mt. Hood.

  57. fuckiminNorthCarolina
    fuckiminNorthCarolina says:

    Umm…I’m gonna camp out on some random-ass scary wilderness islands in the middle of Lake Norman. Illegal, and I’ll probably get eaten by a massive snake or something.

  58. Wisconsin
    Wisconsin says:

    I would live in it. Set it up next to lake (for the view & fish) and make a firepit. It would be an excellent summer. Cheers

  59. Chad
    Chad says:

    Live on the ark, at the ark. But i’m in need of that tent cause i don’t fuck with giraffes.

  60. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    I would take it up north (Canada that is), and live in the woods for the month of august with nothing but a hatchet and my dog. I would roam anomalously, hunt naked and become one with mother nature. essentially I would use it as a tent?

  61. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    probably use it as my home in a forest on campus for the next 8 months at school so that I can save up enough to ride revelstoke pow come santas holiday

  62. DOMidwest
    DOMidwest says:

    Id use it for camping out on the drive from michigan to govy then camping while im there. I leave in 9 days and i still dont have a tent. id sleep in the truck bed but theres only room for two and theres three of us going since seniority rules and im 15 ill be left outside or sleeping upright in a seat.

  63. Nai
    Nai says:

    I would set up camp at Hood (where i’ll be camping/bumming around all summer) and put a camouflage tarp over it to keep hidden from the CRAZY DRUNKIN GYPSYS.

  64. gypsyking xoxo
    gypsyking xoxo says:

    I would use it as my gypsy fortress, to store all the high cascade campers snowboards, MY ALCOHOL, couch, dream catchers, and love. It would protect me from the “OG’s” or in other words “thugs” of govy from my gypsy island palace. I would set it up on mt. hood under the stars, where ill be camping all summer. But in the mean time i will have to do will my plastic wrap rain shield and cardboard refrigerator box as a tent.

    much love xoxo
    Joe Brady

  65. HGG jp
    HGG jp says:

    Will go disastrous area and help people still suffering aftermath of that fuckin earthquake.
    Poler tent will be helpful to stay as long as I can. Thanks

  66. Ms.Flinstone
    Ms.Flinstone says:

    With a tent as classy as that…. I would hike the Pacific Crest Trail. When I make it to Oregon… I’d have my board ready to ride and live the Hood lyfe.

  67. Cole Connors
    Cole Connors says:

    Now that I’m 27 with this tent I’d be able to move out of my parents house…..

  68. [BE_BE]
    [BE_BE] says:

    This can only be summed up with a Haiku:

    Pleasure Paradise
    Haven of drunken stumbles
    Five more syllables…

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