Arnette Crew Clash: Yawgoons Win!

After 8 weeks and over 3,000 votes, we have a winner in the first ever Arnette Crew Clash. Congratulations to the Yawgoons — Dylan, Marcus, Brian, Zack, Mary, Saara and of course Brendan Gouin who put it all together. You can watch their video (again) above, or just wait and check it out in the bonus section of Think Thank’s Ransack Rebellion, dropping soon. Very soon.

Thanks to all the crews who made videos for battle, and of course Arnette, Banshee Bungee and Think Thank for helping make this contest happen. You can check out all the battles that lead up to this point at The voting is now closed.

  • TIlion!

    They deserve yet, all of the crews killed it though!

  • connor

    kick the bucket should have won

  • oinadofbg

    so sick… the tubes were unreal

  • miikeet

    Would have liked to see an actual contest (ktb vs yagoons) fuck the critters burn in hell

  • YEAH

    Fuck the Yawgoons, fuck you, KICK THE FUCKING BUCKET.

  • the truth

    thank god the yawgoons beat out those cheating critters, and andrew nagel still sucks at snowboarding

  • get buck

    KTB doesn’t switch up and swivel….

  • Andrew Nagel really sucks at snowboarding

  • l luv h8rz

    stacking up on that 15 mins of fame. no one will watch that extra anyway.

  • good job dudes

    but to you fucks hating on Nagel, I will personally disembowel you

  • you’re going to to disembowel me over the internet? no your not. I’m fucking Ron Paul

    Ron Paul 2012

  • h8 pozurs

    i’m sure that wean shitaker knows deep down andrew nagel is the worst thing snowboarding has ever seen

  • east coast ya fuckin jerks.

  • aixelsyd

    who the hell are you guys to say that andrew nagle sucks. you have to bring others down because your truly insecure about your own abilities. stop being bitches. who the fuck cares!

  • @thisfuckinpussy^

    i’ve seen todlers rip harder than andrew nagel, and my own abilities are ONFUCKINGPOINT, so you’re the bitch, faggot.

  • Maine Snow?

    This is some good extreme winter MT sports woooo