The 2011 WUSR Awards

The season before last (2009-10) the idea for the WUSR (Washed Up Still Riding) Snowboard Tour was born when we realized that there were certain annual events that brought many of the East Coast/New England dirts, buzzards, and associates together for mellow competition, reunion-style gatherings, and consumption of PBR. The events, like Pat Moore’s Back to the Boneyard and Rep Challenge, were so much fun that we decided to formalize the competition aspect, up the ante, and create a tour with running point standings, prizes, the whole nine yards. This past season was the inaugural year of WUSR and had five events: Red Bull Snake Run, Back to the Boneyard 3, Oakley Subarctic Challenge, Rep Challenge, and the Regression Sessions. In addition, WUSR members earned points in bonus rounds of karaoke and Big Buck Hunter. Points are serious for all of the competitors, obviously.

In WUSR, being washed up isn’t about your age, diminishing contest results, or getting dropped by your sponsors, it’s a lifestyle, most accurately measured by whatever day job you had to take on in order to pay the bills and fund not only your snowboarding, but your mortage/rent/car payment/subscription to Snowboarder Magazine. The current field of die-hard competitors includes former pros, East Coast legends, sales reps, shop owners, snowboard coaches, office jockeys, teachers, people who work in “marketing”, surfers—movers and shakers in the East Coast community behind the scenes, because their knees and lower backs hurt too much to be in front of the cameras.

Up until this season, there was no competitive outlet for this part of the snowboarding community on the East, and WUSR gives everyone an opportunity to embrace their competitive roots, hang out together, and remember how much easier it used to be to do grabs other than indys and methods. So really, it’s all about friends and boarding, which is what it’s all about, right? Oh yeah, and beer, because that usually makes not being so great at snowboarding sting a little less.

The season wrapped up with an awards banquet last weekend where the WUSR Champion was crowned. This year, it was Oakley’s Mark Wakeling who took the title in overall points. Tyler Davis, the benchmark of WUSR riding and local English teacher, took second, and Nelson Wormstead, Oakley rep and announcer for major snowboard contests (follow him @nelsonnhd) took third. We also crowned the Honey Badger Award, Rookie of the Year, Hardest Charger, Hardest Working Rider/Person Who Missed the Most Events, and gave out the Smirnoff Six Pack of Shame.

Next year, WUSR will be even bigger, with added events, more members, and more kind-of-decent snowboarding.– Mary Walsh

Without further ado, the awards for 2011.

Mark Wakeling Overall WUSR Champion

Tyler Davis Second Place Overall

Nelson Wormstead Third Place Overall

Joe Dulac Honey Badger Award

Jimmy Catlin Rookie of the Year

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