Go Seek Teaser


Why do I smell Robot Food? Maybe it’s the fact these riders are shrimp lovin’ Aussies, aka different. Maybe it’s the fact that they blend editing with art to create gooey eyegasms. Or maybe it’s just refreshing to see an edit that blew my hair back. Whatever it is, “Go Seek” is the flick we’re looking forward to.

Riders: Jye Kearney, Nick Brown, Mitch Allan, Jake McCarthy, Nick Hyne, Nate Johnstone, Charles Beckinsale and Clint Allan

Available on Transfer Snowboard Magazine issue 7, 2011 and downloadable from itunes.


  • michigan

    howd they get a hold of guns??

  • karnkarn

    This looks epic. The 5-0 on the bridge at the end made me jealous. Phew

  • dungpoop

    would be better without blown out mn handys

  • fuckthepolice

    liftoff at 1:24.

  • That was fucking rad

  • free burberry

    aren’t these guys from nz?

  • !!!!