Hump Day Opens a Food Cart With Matt Kratzer


ED: Have you noticed a theme in the last few Hump Days? No? Well let us fill you in. Snowboard season is over (in most places). So we’re trying to interview people who are doing more than just snowboarding (they all snowboard, just do other stuff too.) It’s strange and we don’t necessarily expect you to accept or understand it, but maybe you’ll learn something or be inspired to try something new. And don’t worry, camp starts soon and more interviews with hungry ams and super pros are right around the corner, but for now, meet Matt Kratzer, a designer, chef and general ripper. Don’t take our word for it though, Windells Head Chef Ryan Falk knows better…

“Matt Kratzer is a technologically advanced caveman from Canby, Oregon. He’s a killer rider and one hell of a partier. He likes to make art and cook hobo dinners in the woods. Last summer Matt parked his car in Clear Lake for three days, obviously by mistake. This year he has a food cart parked in Portland. The boy knows his flavors.” -Chef Ryan

Words: Enzo Plati
Photos: Drew at DS Imagery

EP- Last summer you were a member of Windells kitchen crew. Now you own a food cart in Portland. How did that happen?

MK- Workin’ son. About two month ago my friend Steve showed up at my house with a boat trailer. Well, I had this idea of opening a food cart, and we just started building. We kept pushing forward and things kept happening. We had a lot of hoops to jump through on the way, but we did it and got it running. It’s a legit business. It’s all registered in Oregon and legal. It’s just crazy we did it. It went from a boat trailer to a food cart in 2 months.

Some Kratzer-designed Atmopshere Skate decks.

EP- You do design work for some snowboarding brand around the Portland area. Talk a little about your most recent project with Atmosphere and some upcoming things.

MK- I might be designing some 2013 outerwear for Atmosphere. It’s still up in the air as of right now. I did design some cruiser decks for them (Atmosphere), as well as some shirts and other random designs. I will be doing some work with Ilusive this coming year as well, so things are looking super busy.

EP- So now that you don’t work at Windells how do you feel about not snowboarding this summer?

MK- Never said I wasn’t! I’m just not working at Windells. I work for myself so I can ride for myself. Riding my skateboard to the food cart is much better than wasting time washing dishes for a bunch of campers. I also helped out pouring concrete at the new outdoor skate park at Windells, so I will be pushing around that park quite a bit this summer.

EP- So as some may know, the Windells Kitchen Crew is famous for their camping trips, pig floats, and fire starting. In your own hazy, blacked out words could you tell us a story.

MK- so ya… We were camping out at clear lake on Mt. Hood with the kitchen crew. We set up this dope put-put course. Drank and built two fires. Standard. So everyone was starting to pass out. Bunch of pussies. I instantly yelled “let’s go on a safari!” Grabbed the the “dry inventory” and off we went. I ripped around the perimeter of the lake and back. Good tunes blasting. It was great. Anyways, then I thought it would be awesome to drive out into the lake. We got her out real far into that lake. As we were coming back I see Lamo’s tent on the edge of the water. So I start blasting it with mud. I come back for another pass. At this point Lamo is out front of his tent waving and yelling. So I step on it to spray him and my car just stops and sinks up to the frame. There she sat for three days until I got Goshi to come pull it out in his truck. Thanks Goshi.

Taking advantage of the ‘crete at Windells.

EP- How was working with legend park builder Jamie Weller?

MK- It was a trip. I got to work with the likes of Peter Gunn, Jamie Weller, and Billy Coulon for a few months this past fall. Those are some solid guys who taught me a lot. We built, in my opinion, one of the “funnest” parks to skate. The shit they are building is fucking awesome.

Green Castle, now open for business!

EP- Give us the info on the food cart.

MK- It’s called “Green Castle”. It’s a pod in the North East side of Portland on 20th and Everett, between Sandy and Burnside. We make organic salads and wraps. You know healthy shit. No meat, no heat.

EP- Shouts?

MK- Ya. Big thanks to my Food Cart homie Steve Pierce, Ron at Rome for always hookin’ it up, Jimmy and Enzo at Atmosphere, Thirsty Convoy, and this guy I grew up with, Jerry. Now come buy my food.

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