Yawgoons 2011


Rhode Island natives Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski, and Brendon Rego enjoy all that Yawgoo Valley has to offer.

Edit: Brendan Gouin

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  1. scummit co
    scummit co says:

    Sick minus the swivel section….tail press front 3 out on the donkey was real proper..killin it rhode island? Meet up with ice coast kills shit next season fools!

  2. Bitches Bangin for Beers
    Bitches Bangin for Beers says:

    How sick would it be if someone caught their edge on that flat at the end of the downbar during a boardslide and did a front flip out and landed it?

  3. bowldog
    bowldog says:

    just for clarification, in the description it states that these homies enjoy “all that Yawgoo has to offer” and in the edit all I saw was a flat double barrel and a down bar with a donkey dick? regardless there were some cool tricks I give you thumbs up. Ps Ice coast is wack

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