Firing Squad: May 17, 2011

Well kids, it’s pretty much summer time. Truth is, I’m in Texas at the moment and it’s hard not to let the sun & armadillo roadkill point to the fact that my snowboard’s edges should be collecting rust in the shed. Hell, I was even tempted to wear a tank top (and not in the mid-winter ironic Lake Tahoe style.) Our photos this week feature ‘boarders sliding their boards on things that aren’t snow. I mean sure, they used snow as a takeoff and they’ll land in snow but it’s still essentially living your skateboard dreams all strapped in. Enjoy this while you can because it’ll be time for skate photos soon. Speaking of which: get them shits prepared and submit! You know you want to win a bunch of crap and have shit talking rights for at least a week.

The Champ: Dariusz Orlicz

The Challenger: Ben Birk

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Think you can do better? WE NEED SKATE PHOTOS SO SEND EM IN! The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. If you win the first week, you will receive a gift certificate worth $50 good for anything at Should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer will receive a place in the Champions Gallery a DAKINE Camera Pack, an additional $100 to spend as they please at, and a chance to compete in the year-end Ultimate Champions battle. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    i hate the champ ive voted against it from th beginning. its a frontside zeech on a box. i mean come on! for a picture to win, it should have a good subject. not just a good backgrond. besides the clips of the challenger in the dangerzone are super sick.

  2. mike
    mike says:

    @matt, do u recognize the difference between photo contest and trick contest ? i have doubt on your thinking skills.

  3. mike
    mike says:

    @nativapride, zeach or not zeach, f’k that, it is still snowboarding, your thinking is the nazi one.

  4. satan
    satan says:

    @mike you’re a dumbass. this is a contest for a picture of snowboarding, not of landscape

  5. what a loser
    what a loser says:

    that mike dude is an idiot i agree with matt, he points out that theres a good background, but a zeech? cmon a zeech? that snowboarder probably could do something sicker and get a better shot. A ZEECH?!

  6. jimbo
    jimbo says:

    Man… people just don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept of a “photo contest”… quit bitching about the “Subject” of the photo because guess what, THE ENTIRE PHOTO IS THE SUBJECT! I mean, I know this is a snowboarding site so your stoner minds just want to focus on the snowboarder, but it’s a PHOTO contest, so the scenery is included in the shot. I mean, go look at the fucking champions gallery for Christ’s sake. One of the first shots inducted and still one of the most epic ones is a photo of a guy strapping in. I hate to tell you, but nobody voted for that shot because it was a sick trick, and it went up against some heavy hitters. It was voted in because it was a better photo. Read a damn book you retards

    And @Z My guess is this isn’t a holga as the corners are far too crisp to be a plastic lens. My guess is a brownie or a rolliflex or some other glass-lens 120 camera

  7. @jimbo
    @jimbo says:


    yeah……i really don’t think it’s very often any photographer would call the entire photo the “subject.” for all these contests the snowboarder is very much so the subject. photography is the medium. so we must be judging how an artist works with the medium to depict the subject – the subject (the snowboarder) is totally relevant. however, if the subject for whatever reason is judged to be taking away from the photo or the viewer doesn’t like how to subject is doing – then go ahead and call it a gay photo.

  8. First foto rider
    First foto rider says:

    The box was a coping of a medium quaterpipe. I did nosepress (little crooked from left to right) and dropped down after. You cant see it here but it wasnt easy:) Peace

  9. matt
    matt says:

    it actually looks like the rider isnt even on the box now that i look closer. he seems to be in the air. so maybe he landed in noseBLUNT not nose press or zeech. @ first foto rider, it is obvious that the approach is straight on or at a slight angle and NOT a quarter pipe. why would you even say that?

  10. @matt
    @matt says:

    first of all, there aren’t really tracks indicative of a side approach – i’d expect to see something a little more distinct, in terms of tracks, on the left there. second, look where are the flashes are positioned. they are down in some gaping hole below the rider. it’s not too hard to imagine that a quarter pipe sits in that big void below. i think part of what the photog was going for was to not show the approach, just the trick on the coping up top.

  11. Pfffft...
    Pfffft... says:

    1st photo totally looks like a little box with a good background.
    I had no idea there was a qp there.

    A for tech skills and an F for composition. It shouldn’t be that confusing to figure out whats going on.

  12. B
    B says:

    no contest…challenger. i have no idea what is goin on in the 1st one. nice background but its not a good snowboard photo. that guy should have just taken the pic with no rider and had a nice pic of some mountains

  13. gloryholes
    gloryholes says:


    I honestly don’t see the argument here, if you have been snowboarding before the choice is obvious

  14. skilmer
    skilmer says:

    Yobeat needs less european kids hyping up their friends photo, because it’s a travesty that I’m gonna have to see that zeach on the main page again for the 4th week in a row.

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