bHappy’s Happy Days Teaser (Plus Bonus Paul Heran Interview!)


You just watched the teaser for bHappy’s 2011 video, Happy Days. Like most teasers, there is someone behind the scenes making it all happen and for bHappy, that’s Paul Heran. Paul is a bit of an enigma in the snowboard industry. He is genuinely nice to everyone, is willing to help out anyone that asks, and he loves pretty much anything that has to do with snowboarding. As one of the founders of Tahoe’s Bhappy Productions, he has churned out countless web edits and is in the process of editing the 3rd full-length movie from this young crew. Paul was also the filmer/editor of Tahoe Dangerzone’s webisode series this season as well as working on multiple other projects throughout the year. His alter ego “DP” has captivated and terrorized the party scene but at the end of the day, no one that meets Paul could ever say a bad thing about this up and coming filmer.

Why are you nervous?

I’m not so much nervous as I am stressed out. I’m stressed out because I just had to get this teaser done. I have 8 more episodes of Dangerzone to edit. I have all of the Academy Snowboard product videos to finish. To top it all of I’m leaving for Windells in 10 days all on top of editing the Bhappy Video.

That’s a lot to get done. So tell me what Bhappy is all about?

Bhappy is all about having fun.

Fun is subjective, does that mean small features and giggling kids snowboarding?

That’s how we started but as the years went on, all of the riders have stepped their game up and all of the filmers have progressed as well. It has turned into something a little more legitimate than funny edits with our friends while keeping the same fun vibe that we started with.

How were all the riders chosen?

I didn’t really choose the riders exactly. We all started off as friends from all over northern California that snowboarded for fun together and we progressed into making web edits and finally season long video projects. From the beginning, we have kept pretty much the same crew that we started with. It’s cool because we all get to witness each other grow in our riding and filming.

Who influences you as filmer?

My biggest influences are definitely the Robot Food and Neoproto guys. They inspired me to start making movies with a fun feel. I also look up to Tim Bradley, Rob Balding, and Kevin Castanheira. Those dudes are really good at what they do. They each have their own styles respectively, but they all make me want to go out and shoot some boarding. Tim’s shots are always super clean and on point. Rob’s shots and edits have been my favorites since he did Color TV with Chase Roselli. Kevin’s video (Sooner or Later) from last year was so well done and inspired me to try new programs and new colors in my videos. Oh, and I have always idolized Joe Carlino because he’s the man.

You’ve won a few filming contests this year. Tell me about that.

Well, before we talk about the filming contests, I took 4th place at the Cricket campus rail jam at UNR. I’m pretty proud of myself for that one.

The video contests started off really well this year at Boreal’s JPI 6. Our Team: Sammy Spiteri, Colton Morgan, Durell Williams, and I ended up winning “Best Video” and $2,000. I also met a drunk dude at the Bar that night that invited me to join some tie dye crew, so I drunkenly accepted his invite by giving him my address and shoe size. About three months later, a pair of hand painted tie-dye Vans showed up at my house and it took some deep thinking to remember where they had come from.

Later on in the season, Sammy Spiteri and I entered some footage into the Vitamin Water Am Throwdown. We made top 10, then got voted into the top 5 on Facebook and won a free trip out to Copper Mountain in Colorado. Before the trip, Sammy tore his ACL and wasn’t able to ride in the contest, so I was paired up with Marc Kelsic. We ended up working really well together and filmed the best edit we could under the circumstances but it ended up being a hell of a trip. I met a bunch of rad people (Jake and Brandon) got to hang with Ty and Alex from Windells and we won $5000.

Your editing is very tedious and well thought out with a lot of technicality to it. Did you go to school for this and are you self-taught?

I tried to go to film school in San Francisco for a while, but I really didn’t like the way they taught film, so I moved up to Truckee and decided to do my own thing. I learned a lot along the way from my friends and family, but working at Windells last summer really kicked my ass into gear. Tyler Malay, Alex Erickson, Jake Strassman, and Greg Weaver taught me more about filming and editing in two weeks than I had learned in my entire life. I owe them so much for taking me under their wing and showing me the ropes. I would definitely not be where I am today without them.

Didn’t you do something with Playboy last year?

(Laughing) Yes, I don’t really know how this happened, but I found myself on a raft with an HPX, three naked girls, and white water rapids. The show we filmed for was called “Bad Ass,” which is all about naked girls doing “extreme sports.” They just handed me a camera and said “get in real close on their tits!” It was pretty wild, a once in a life experience for sure and I got to keep the footage they shot on my GoPro.

From the teaser it looks like BHappy finally traveled out of Tahoe. Where did you guys go?

We hopped in the car after Christmas and cruised out to SLC for a week. We had no idea what to do when we got there, but thanks to some friends at MILO, we found a spot or two and got some shots. Colton and Parker also went out to Minnesota and got some shots with Jon Stark. Dylan Thompson, Shane Wright, and myself made another trip out to the Utah Backcountry with Curtis Woodman and got a bunch of late season pow shots. Gared and Corey Schneider also filmed out in Idaho (their home town) with filmer Essex Prescott. Oh, Sammy and I also got some shots in Big Bear when we went down with the Arbor Team. That was an awesome trip. Sammy got breathalyzed.

Sammy got breathalyzed? I thought Bhappy was supposed to be wholesome. What are all these rumors about DP and who is he?

Sammy was and will always be our sober driver. However, his sober driving is a bit loose, and the Big Bear police were a bit suspicious to say the least. Since the car reeked of bear-e-oke bar fun, they decided to breathalyze him. Like a champ, he blew a 0.0. This DP guy you speak of, well I’ve heard a lot about him. I guess he’s kind of a misty dude. He shows up every now and then at parties, clubs, and yard sales.

(Laughing) OK, I’ll let that go for now. What can everyone expect from Happy Days?

You can expect some new spots, new riders, some hammers and of course some fun.

How did you come up with the name Happy Days?

Umm, I stumbled across the intro to the old TV show Happy Days and I thought it was pretty awesome. It’s funny and simple and it has the word Happy in it.

When can we expect the full movie?

Well, I’d like to show the video up at Hood this summer. If you are there, look for a premiere. It should be online shortly after the premiere in Hood, hopefully some time in July or August.

Anyone you want to thank?

Yeah, I’d like to thank my parents and my sister for always supporting me no matter what. I’d like to thank the Windells crew for teaching me so much about filming and editing. I’d like to give a big thanks to our sponsors: Arbor Snowboards, Union Bindings, Ashbury, and Coal, for supporting us. Thanks to Boreal for being the best place to board in Tahoe. Thanks to Sean Lucey, Nick Visconti, Jason Robinson, and Tim Eddy for letting me tag along and film some spots for the Think Thank Movie. Thanks to Bryce and Max for killing it behind the lens this year and making the movie so much better. Thanks to James, Gabe, Keith and you for letting me live at the house and have a warm cozy place to sleep. Thanks to the gas company that took away that heat halfway through the winter. Finally, a big thanks to all my friends that have stuck by me this year and made it a season to remember.

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