People’s Court: Jack Herald vs Chase Blackwell

What were you doing when you were 14 years old? Most kids that age are playing video games, sneaking candy bars behind their moms’ backs, and trying to find their dad’s hidden stash of porn. The two young bucks in this weeks People’s Court were busy learning how to jib up their local park and even drop some cornices into pow. These up and coming shredders found the time to put together two diverse edits that should make their elders step their game up, but only one can win.

Jack Herald (Age 14)

Chase Blackwell (Age 12)

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If you think these guys suck and you are way better, or you’d just like to be part of the People’s Court, send a link to your video (on vimeo or youtube, please – videos hosted on other platforms will not be be considered) with your name, address, size and a little bit about yourself to [email protected] If you’re chosen for the battle, we’ll send you an email when it goes live. Each week, the battle winner will receive a prize from the YoBeat Store. As of February 2011, the video with the single most votes each calender month will also receive a Banshee Bungee.

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Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

  • satan

    i know zooming in on a fisheye might look cool to your dad, but its not

  • pete

    Not even fair, Jack Herald all the way. The people who don’t vote for him don’t know what snowboarding is.

  • jesse

    Chase Blackwell is what’s up. no contest. get with it and vote for him

  • dmoney

    jack kills it like come on now i think we all can ride powder for 3 minutes straight

  • jesse

    Jack’s pretty good no doubt, but i can hear the future of snowboarding talking to me, and the future says Chase Blackwell…

  • goerge

    jack is way better and he was even way better when he was 12

  • J

    Whats with the haters!! Both riders are sik.. Kids are 12 and 14 and are better than you… quit hating!!

  • I melt bucks

    I’ve ridden with both of these kids, and they’re each pretty rad at boarding. I am a year younger than jack, and I have the same bag of tricks (everything but cab 9), although I’m putting the vote to chase for going hard in the backcountry.

  • bob

    have fun live life! its sick how chase is able to get away from the park and do backcountry

  • Amanda

    GO CHASE!!!!!!!

  • eastsidepoopeater hater

    powder is uncool, jumps are uncool, and street rails are uncool. i want to see more back country tree rail riding. thats why i gave my vote to chase.

  • 989

    dayyuuum that first song is my muh fuggin jam

  • dmulala

    your smoking some good shit if you think chase is better than jack. come on seriously

  • Mikey

    I pee on the side of the toilet bowl to make less noise.
    Jack herald all the way! Atta boy.

  • kevin b

    Jack Herald is clearly better. He was better when he was Chases age too. Jacks the man, and a ill skater too. love that kid

  • jerm

    jack kyle already has sick style on solid moves, case in point, bs and cab 9s. and the last backlip was on point.

  • Buckshot

    They’re both sick at boarding, but I had to vote for Jack because of that back lip.

  • mistahfabbydavis

    Park and rails always win on this site.

  • mdot

    jack u jus chrushed that edit. front 1 sw bk 3 on the down flat!!!!!

  • alright, so there is a two year age difference…doesn’t mean anything—-it’s clear that Jack Herald has his shit together way more than Chase Blackwell…..he’s versatile and tackles everything like a champ…plus he’s so much smoother

  • Maddoggoddam

    Eff yeah that first song is my muhh fuggin jam!

  • turdlehead

    Jack had too many jumps and rails in his video. He never could have ridden through that powder like Chase did!

  • ynt?

    Chase is beast.

  • All I gotta say is Red Gerard! He’s 10 go back and watch his Peoples Court…

  • Yep, voted for Red. He kills. I can tell you Red’s almost 11 and Chase just turned 12. They were in same USASA age division and have competed agaist each other, and traded off wins. All these kids are sick, and it’s progressing the sport. Keep killing it mini shreds!

  • Dkidfresh

    turdlehead im pretty sure he can ride powder watch this

    now u look like a turdle nutsack bitch

  • kw

    yeah Jerald and yeah Dy-Lan

  • herpderp

    @J: I remember when I thought young riders were super good because they were young.
    Jack was better, Chase just seems like he’s some super fortunate kid who either went on a sweet vacation or lives in the back country. His edit, however, was unimpressive. both video’s quality was dece, but not well edited.

  • LomaFan

    Chase all the way! Love those back country moves!!!!! Heck yeah!

  • skilmer

    Switch game and a fairly big bag of tricks vs zeaches and girl methods? You choose.

  • alaskanthunderfuck

    isnt even a contests that kid jack fuckin rips and actually has skill that other kid chase blackwell was just chuckin himself for three minutes literally no skill and didnt even make it look good.

  • hahaha at :16 seconds you can heeeear the TAP. I voted for the other kid just because of that.

  • In Jack’s video im talking about.

  • yea yea

    jack is ill man, if you dont vote for him your the gayest

  • banger

    Chase is legit for his age. props little dude.

  • lj


  • what

    to everyone saying rails always win here and the other kid wins cause of the backcountry, your point is invalid. the backcountry was pretty much just a couple of turns. not saying he doesn’t kill it for a 12 year old, but the idea that he should win just because he has access to backcountry and powder is kinda dumb.

    also, the other kid fucking slays. he has sick style already and a killer bag of tricks

  • bro

    I dont know how you couldnt vote for jack. Jack KILLS It over this other kid. For all your fools who say he could never ride backcountry, shits easy!

    Check jack killin’ in back country in the link someone posted above

  • MikeyVo

    Chase is pussy. I can slide down backcountry pow too. Its easy and its called SLEDDING. All you people that like him are just dumb. Clearly jack has the style and the moves to call himsel a good snowboarder. Chase dont even have hair on his nuts yet.

  • stud

    Jack Herald is a boss. You little shits know nothing about boarding if your gonna vote for Chase. Eat shit Chase fans…you all know dick about riding! Munch on that faggots! Beyonson all the way!!!!!!!!

  • J

    Stud(yeah right prob a chick) and MikeyVo.. you are both douchebags.. you don’t know shit!! Jack is actually 15 and he is sponsored by volcom.. Chase filmed this in 2 days not a full season.. If you saw the way chase rides you would’nt be talking so much shit!! Jack is super legit but who the fuck are you to talk shit on a 12 yr old.. You guys are pussys!!

  • Busted

    Whoa there @stud or should I say Andrew Jacobs. It’s great that your friends with Jack and all but what do you know about riding, you fuckin 2 plank wanker. Ok now we all know Jack’s dick sucking friends are on here smack talkin n posted shit they don’t know dick about. I guess your real proud of those 3 hairs on your nuts cocksuckers

  • HeresJohnny

    HAHAHAHAHA sounds like all the Jack fans are his Bi Winning friends sucking him off. Both kids kill but went with chase because of all the hate on a 12 yr old. Big learning curve from 12 to 14. and you those of you that say jack was better at 12 post that shit up cuz this is what i have to go by bitches.

  • skilmer

    Every person who mentioned how this takes it because of the backcountry is either 40 or 6.

  • Yoda

    better at age 12 than Chase, Jack was.

  • Mike

    skilmer clearly another one of Jack’s friends because you wouldn’t be posting on here again, that or you have a no life. Sorry the hate comments get no cred anymore. Kids are both good.

  • RUkidding?

    Yoda, you didn’t do Jack Herald any favors by posting. He couldn’t land anything or keep the windows up in that entire edit. Chase Blackwell has way sicker steeze and control, if we’re comparing them at 12.

  • Luke

    Yeah Yoda, I think the force is with Chase on that one!

  • rodway

    Clearly jack should win… It’s ridiculous to think these videos even compare.

  • Dave Duane

    Look at this 11 year old —>
    Jack wins 🙂

  • Shawn

    Waterville Academy vs ISTC

  • Oh Yeah!

    Keep killin it Chase!!!

  • grilled_Cheese

    Are you guys serious with this?? Dont get me wrong, chase rips for a 12 year old, but this is a video battle and Jack’s edit fucking destroys chase’s in every aspect of snowboarding. Kid has an insane bag of tricks for being so young. Straight up.

  • grilled_Cheese

    Alright, I’m settling this right now. I DO NOT KNOW JACK OR CHASE, I really don’t. I just searched him after reading this whole comment board a few minutes ago. Check out Jack Heralds edit from when he was 10 YEARS OLD!! My mind is blown. He is TEN TIMES BETTER than chase is when he was 10!!! 100% and you guys know it. Jack Herald was better at 10 than Chase is now. But props to both of them, They’re both better than me, probably…

  • grilled_Cheese

    Forgot to copy and paste link. JACK HERALD TEN YEAR OLD VIDEO

  • Really Cheese

    You don’t know them? You seem really invested to do a search on 2 kids you don’t know. All you had to do is look at all the links posted above of Jack at 12 to know Chase is better at his age. Jack didn’t land anything more than a 270 off a tiny jump in his 12 year old video. Talk about hucking and chucking. You didn’t settle anything. You just look like a fool. Had a valid comment in your first post now your point is mute. These kids are rippin stop hatin

  • Fonzie

    Voted for Chase. He’s 2 years older, so that’s not much of a difference, and the proper back lip on a street rail is proof that the bungee would be put to good use. Both fortunate kids… I wish I took up snowboarding at that age, must be nice.

  • J

    Here is chases vid last yr when we he got some time to film.. Chase at 11.. Kids got it..

  • Hey fonzie I think u were talking about jack who did ur vote go to?

  • 581

    Chase is 12 and Jack is 15. I’m sure both edits are from this year. they must have spring birthdays. 3 years is a big difference. Both are ill, although I do think Jack should get this one.

  • MikeyVo

    All of you that think chase should win cause he is younger….. Eat dick this is about who is better. So age doesnt count for shit with eather of them.. Jack wins. Hands down. Remember its who is better…. Not give sympathy to the underdog cause he is younger.

  • Alejandro

    Ha this is a contest on who is the best rider, its incredibly obvious that Jack Herald is better. Nuff Said its no contest Jack practically Pissed all over Chase

  • 617

    its pretty clear that jack is a hell of a lot better then chase. its pretty sad that the votes are as close as they are too. jacks riding and video is soo much better than chases

  • WOW

    Wow, MikeyVo your panties are pretty wadded up right now. This is comical how upset your getting.

  • 581

    What’s sad is you jerks feel the need to rip these kids down if the votes aren’t going the way you want them. It’s more like playground name calling than critiquing and your making yourselves look little Aholes

  • MikeyVo

    WOW. Go fuck yourself. Nuf said. Yeee nikka doggydog fresh icy izle swizle pizle my shlizle nikka. That was for you 🙂 <3 wuv you

  • GP

    I dont like watching lil kids being so good at riding. shows how much money their parents have and how much more priviliged they are than I was. lucky bastards, at least im havin fun

  • pablo14

    dude the kid is way better just admit it and plus chase does flips off of jumps and all jack does is 360’s and he 360’s of rails and jumps but chase is the shit!! chase is awsome

  • Kill9

    uhh, were we watching the same videos? The only back country i saw was 6 indies in a row, nowthat’swhat’sup. We all know who won this.

  • pablo14 can u even speak english correctly? what are you talking about all jack does is 360s? if im not mistaken there were several 7s 9s and a 10!?

  • Chase

    Hey Jack just wanted to say it was fun battling you.Your video was sick might see you in Colorado some time

  • Kyle

    Chase is an annoying little kid, who can ride in powder, not that hard. Im sure if Jack lived on the west coast he would kill it in the back country as well, my vote to jack!

  • kylesucksomedick

    if you realy no chase you shouldn’t talk shit I can say you suck balls or are just some low life trying to make you look cool and make some streotypes up

  • stud

    this kid “busted”…what do you know? 3 hairs on my nuts??? lets be real… i dont have any….girls dont like that ish…though jack is my boy he is way better then this other kid…yeah hes good but have you noticed jack has been doing that stuff and even better since he was that age? seriously take a look “busted”