Bear Cubs Teaser


I was just thinking I wouldn’t really care if Alaska wanted to secede from the Union. What’s up there anyway? Then I saw this teaser and decided it’s probably pretty neat.

A video by Mike Morgan and Brendan Hupp
Riders: Aaron Ihde, Brendon Hupp, Cameron McCormick, Chris Larson, Garrett Swenson, Gus Engle, Josh Rogers, Landon Holzer, Mason Hulen, Mike Caldarola, Mike Morgan Scott Holland

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  1. jerm
    jerm says:

    used a foreign object to shot gun, deduction. that weird rail between freights was wild though.

  2. LOL
    LOL says:

    dont get me wrong I smoke weed every day, but filming yourselves or your buddies smoking and putting it in a snowboard teaser/videoto look cool ranks pretty high up their on the list of gayest things ever, coming in right above sitting on a plunger and right below watching glee and enjoying it.

    the bent rail between the train cars was SICK though. I hope he landed it

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