Hooray for Snowboarding!


Some new, some old, all at a different speed than originally performed.

Riders: Marcus Rand, Dylan Gamache, Zack Wilmot, Brian Skorupski, Travis Neuenhaus
Edit: Brendan Gouin

  • Gerg!

    Hot damn these kids are making magic. You don’t need double corks when you have excellent filming/editing and riders with amazing style…

  • Turd Ferguson

    usually i dont like all slow mo edits, but that was damn awesome

  • bean town.

    good style there for sure and loving that ocean shot at the end

  • THOR


  • hfe

    ^Hooray For Earth -True Loves

  • mn

    damn no one has a chance against the yawgoons in the crew clash.

  • yeees

    looks even better if you full screen dat shit

  • yeh

    damn that was straight waka flocka flame!

  • Sam

    the ollie at 2:30 looks super fun. 3:04 was pretty slick!

  • scott stevens

    yawgoo breeds champions

  • Lil’ reignobo

    Hot fire. Straight up.

  • Lil’ reignbo

    ^ lil’ reignobo?! You biting my shit yo!
    But fer reel. Dats some fiero.

  • aaron fraher

    that was sick

  • aidstestresults

    this one had me on the edge of my seat

  • Hansi

    the hardway half cab nosepress was insane

  • everything bolts. 5 out of 5 boners.

  • Adriana Lima

    I want, I want , I want, Dylan Gamache

  • fuckLOON

    i am so sick of loon edits, i dont usually hate but im over it fuck yobeat fuck loon

  • ^

    and fuck your mother

  • ^

    well fuck your mom while your dad watches and works the camera

  • ^

    well ill just put a gerbal in your grandmothers anus then