People’s Court: Tommy Keith vs Sean Whitaker

It’s that time of year when everyone compiles all of their footage and sends it to potential sponsors, tries to get it on every snow media website, or just wants to impress their mom. If you don’t have potential sponsors, the contact info for the other sites, or a mom for that matter, then send your edits to YoBeat! You can win some rad gear and maybe even a Banshee Bungee. This week we have two riders that both got it done in the streets as well as in their local parks. One chooses to edit to pop music while the other opts for some gnarly death metal. While this is supposed to be about the riding, we know music is gonna play a major role on this one. TRL vs Hail Satan!

Tommy Keith


Sean Whitaker

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If you think these guys suck and you are way better, or you’d just like to be part of the People’s Court, send a link to your video (on vimeo or youtube, please – videos hosted on other platforms will not be be considered) with your name, address, size and a little bit about yourself to [email protected] If you’re chosen for the battle, we’ll send you an email when it goes live. Each week, the battle winner will receive a prize from the YoBeat Store. As of February 2011, the video with the single most votes each calender month will also receive a Banshee Bungee.

The People’s Court is brought to you by:

Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

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  1. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    Still basing these on stills as im too lazy to watch the videos. So sean takes the prize for that man-sized kink, and not posing in a teal sweatshirt to look “epic” before hitting what appears to be a 2 foot long rail…

  2. PTC
    PTC says:

    this was real tough. Sean’s got the tricks for sure, even though they’re a little sketchy at times. Tommy definitely had some clean style, but wasn’t going as big and as tech. Gotta give it to Sean.

  3. Brent
    Brent says:

    I couldn’t even finish the second video…that noise…why is that, out of all the music in the world, something that seemed like a good idea?

    …and yeah, first kids got way more style. Even though there’s no jumps in his part he’s got my vote.

  4. 989
    989 says:

    i literally muted seans video and listened to the song from tommys video while watching seans…and tommys song sucked…just goes to show how terrible seans song was


    Everyone who likes Sean’s video is going to hell because that is the devil’s music!

  6. cole vibert
    cole vibert says:

    both songs were bad, but seans song was just retarded. i couldnt even focus on what he was doing, all i could hear was some faggot yell who knows what. i have spacers in my ears so dont think i dont know music! also the filming was horrible in seans vid. looked like a shitty hand held with a widened raynox on it. and like 80 percent of the tricks were fucking loose ball shit like coming off early. tommy didnt hit as big shit but he did it with style, excellent camera gear and a over all way better edit. was seans edit made with windows movie maker? when the dude throws his board at the handrail like my 6 year old sister, he couldnt even time it up with the music like he was clearly trying to do. sean fail. tommy win.

  7. Loose Goose
    Loose Goose says:

    sean’s style is looser than anything i have ever seen, why dont you show the landing after your park jumps fool. vote goes to tommy one hundy %

  8. East vs. west
    East vs. west says:

    the kid livin in utah ridin at brighton e’ry day needs to have that privilege taken away from him. east coast for the win

  9. weaksauce
    weaksauce says:

    east vs west youre a fucking idiot seans from PA and he kills shit this other dude is getting hooked up by ride and seans unsponsored get wit it and vote for sean motherfuckers.

  10. aaron
    aaron says:

    all those utah spots might be fun to hit sure but shits boring if you do the same tricks as every other guy

  11. shitt
    shitt says:

    tommys tricks are as easy as his mom. pulease everyone, get your shit together. sean whitaker is the best snowboarder and will top anyone

  12. Pfffft...
    Pfffft... says:

    #24- “I have spacers in my ears so I know music”

    Holy Fuck. Thats even Dumber than the New Yorker judging off the thumbnail.

    I seriously hope my sarcasm meter is broken…

  13. weaksauce
    weaksauce says:

    Your a fucken idiot, the reason alone that sean isnt sponsered shows in nothing but his style

  14. dog fart
    dog fart says:

    Tommy better style, filming and editing. Yeah park rails are wack and homie needs to jump… but Sean’s got some circus tricks and kook style. Also, rail gardens mini shred is super played…

  15. Nate
    Nate says:

    Tommy’s got the style. And he eats his veggies. AND skates. That other dude is just some sketchy black blur, judging by the screen grabs. cuz i didnt watch the vids. but I’ve seen Tommy ride. who is sean whatevereker? Tommy ain’t hooked up – not yet. style wins everytime – ask Jamie Lynn or Mark Gonzales.


    Is this really what snowboarding has come to? Who can afford the better camera/editng, who wears the best clothes, and whose music is trendier? Oh my god people let the riding speak for itself.

  17. bi winning
    bi winning says:

    Tommy did half the tricks that Sean did. Congraduaions Tommy can 3 off a rail and get stoked on a 270 on to a park rail. Sean did all 4 270s on to handrails, a switch back nine and actual presses. So what if the filming sucks… he cant afford a fucking DSLR camera and doesn’t even have any sponsored. Tommy comes off as a sponsored soft-ass mommas boy trying to get some street cred.

  18. fuck you
    fuck you says:

    @cole vibert

    number 1, your a fucking piece of shit.
    number 2, its not all that difficult to turn off the volume, its located at the lower right part of the screen, in case you were wondering.
    number 3, seans style is sick, and i liked it better than that other kid.
    number 4, who the fuck cares how its filmed, im sure if he had the choice, he would be filming with one of those planet earth cameras where you can see a rhino’s dick from outerspace.
    number 5, your probably tommy keith

  19. seaaaaaaan
    seaaaaaaan says:

    who in their right MIND could think that tommy is a better snowboarder than tommy? like are you fuckers blind? sean would take him ANYDAY

  20. Sean Whitaker
    Sean Whitaker says:

    Hey guys, let’s just put all of this to rest! Tommy’s obviously really good, and he’s probably going to win! Just let it happen! VOTE TOMMY KEITH!

    Oh, and PS. Adele is feaking dope, ok? OK!

  21. Phylazofik
    Phylazofik says:

    @ Bi winning
    Whats wrong with trying to get your name out? Who cars if he loves his mom. aha

  22. fred
    fred says:

    easily sean. backing the new crew of brighton kids. they seem like they dont give a fuck and I like that. plus the deadlung kink seriously aint no joke

  23. dirty jerz
    dirty jerz says:

    you clowns gotta be kidding sayin seans not better all around the kid tommys video is him mostly not doing shit but posing for the camera … he must have paid you homos to vote or you all like to kiss his ass for god knows what reason … sean all day ….

  24. dirty jerz
    dirty jerz says:

    lastly if this comp is on filming and edit … then yeah maybe the kid tommy wins bt i thought we were talking bout boarding …? no? sean holla at me ill hook you up with that cat who made star wars… apparently then you would win for sure

  25. cole vibert
    cole vibert says:

    number 1, your a fucking piece of shit.
    nuh uh, you dont no me!
    number 2, its not all that difficult to turn off the volume, its located at the lower right part of the screen, in case you were wondering.
    the point was the video and audio should flow together, not make you eat your trailer trash bastard baby
    number 3, seans style is sick, and i liked it better than that other kid.
    lets just agree to disagree, k?
    number 4, who the fuck cares how its filmed, im sure if he had the choice, he would be filming with one of those planet earth cameras where you can see a rhino’s dick from outerspace.
    lets forget about the homo who thinks about rhino dick from outer space (two words) and concentrate that its a video competition. so i think its fair to say the filming goes a long way. don’t be jealous tommy’s friends with an art fag who has an expensive camera.
    number 5, your probably tommy keith
    no, im cole vibert, and it’s “you’re” for future reference. well unless it’s a possession thing, like your girlfriend is a dog.

    go back to school ya fucking greaser. maybe when you’re educated you will have better taste.

  26. kdfhf
    kdfhf says:

    this is about SNOWBOARDING, PERIOD. you must be RETARTED if you think tommy is a better, and more talented snowboarder than sean.


    so first of all i gotta ask a question to tommy. have your balls even dropped yet? and to all you fucks who voted for tommy….WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING?!?! cuz whatever it is give me some. i need it to even consider that little 3rd grader tommy to be a boarder. he sucks so fucking bad he breaks his own fucking nose. who does that? oh i bet simple jack does. this fuck ^ must be some little shit that smokes a ton of what all you pussies are smoking and suck his own dick at the same fucking time. oh wait you dont have one. all youve got are 2 big ass gaping wholes. so pull that dildo out of your loose ass of yours and open your damn eyes. sean is fucking skilled beyond all belief and if you were even in the presence of this kid you would most likely be on your knees asking him to fuck you in the ass so that maybe some of that skill of sean’s would rub off onto you little hairy pussies. so all votes go to sean! Props man. you got skill oh and sean if your reading this…HAIL SATAN!!!

  28. Style Wins
    Style Wins says:

    I would rather see a sylish trick that something hucked. Im sure Sean is a sick rider but clean that shit up.

  29. mazeltov
    mazeltov says:

    ok, thom kieth did nothing better than your everyday good snowboarder who you see everywhere, sean pulled bangers on handrails, that clearly tom cant do, or else he would have. of course tom kieths edit was nicer but lets be real this is about the riding and its obvious sean is alot better snowboarder. clearly with all the anybodys getting free stuff sponsorships dont mean shit in snowboarding most of the time nowadays anyways so whoever is arguin bout dat shit, who cares

  30. Cornell
    Cornell says:

    fuck anyone talking shit on sean whitaker. the kid slays shit and incredibly humble about it. yea maybe the song sucked or the film quality wasnt very good..but does that mean his edit wasnt above and beyond this kid’s whos already hooked up with ride?

  31. fuck you
    fuck you says:

    haha cole vibert, you cant say shit about style

    number 1, did you mean “you don’t KNOW me”? fucking hypocrite.

    wow, i just was called a homo over the web by a kid who wears rainbow colored skullcandies, the sickest holden pants sewn extra tight by your mother, and some trendy vest that you probably bought at a thrift store and got a super discount on, unbuttoned of course. son you’ve got the trends dialed. the end.

  32. Ratt Mobb
    Ratt Mobb says:

    Both riders are sick. Right now Sean leads by 8 votes. Yet 90% of the comments on here bash Tommy and his supporters. This insignificant popularity contest must really mean a lot to you Whitaker supporters. And props to Cole for being man enough to attach his name to his comments.

  33. noah
    noah says:

    yeah sean can do tech tricks but hes hitting small ass rails and barely making it to the end of them, and who knows if he lands half his tricks . tommy has style and stomps the shit out of his tricks. tommy for the win

  34. maxdon'tfuxwitit
    maxdon'tfuxwitit says:

    i’m not just saying this cause sean’s my homey, but anybody with the name tommy that isn’t t-sloth can just fuck right off. that’s the gayest name ever. especially when you ain’t got shit hanging between your legs except a tampon string.

  35. Gorby
    Gorby says:

    If you don’t know Sean you should shut your mouth.. One of the best snowboarders around.. Tell him to do a trick and he will do it first try. First kid is alright but Sean is a WAY better snowboarder.. That is what this is about…..Ohh and fuck the filming, not everyone is sponsored by there rich ass parents or has a professional filmer.. Sean for the win …

  36. thefrog
    thefrog says:

    Seems like most of you are just more focused on sucking seans dick instead of actually watching the videos and judging the riders. Theres no doubt then thommy has more style and rides way cleaner and yea sean throws down but any kid can flare around and stomp nice tricks it actually takes skill to take those tricks and add style to them to make them look 10x better ! both very good riders but thommy overall wins!

  37. maxdon'tfuxwitit
    maxdon'tfuxwitit says:

    style ain’t SHIT when you can’t do half the shit thats in the other edit. let’s just put it this way:

    a) Sean did it switch.

    b) Sean did a switch back 9. multiple times. on jumps the size of tommy’s lil wiener. which is saying something, cause i’m sure its the size of a baby carrot.

    c)sorry that sean isn’t all decked out like a white boy thug claiming to have steeze, but he really just can’t move around cause his shit is too big.

    d) sean is better than any of you assholes.

  38. yikes
    yikes says:

    That sean kid did a whole lotta shit I cant do ill be the first to admit… but his feet were close enough together he might as well have been skiing…and I think he might have the worst style I have ever seen. Did not look comfortable for one second.. so my (most likely meaningless and unpopular vote) goes to mr keith. Bring on the hate.

  39. Don
    Don says:

    @ Gorby “Tell him to do a trick and he will do it first try”. That’s why you see him bail like 10 million times in his video right? Thought that was pretty jokes. Bull shitting makes you look like a little bitch bud

  40. thefrog
    thefrog says:

    @ max ! who doesnt wanna see switch 9s of a 10 foot jump ! anyone can huck around and spin like a balerina ! if it was off maybe a 50 then thats something to be proud of. the way these riders dress is up to them so stop focusing on who looks prettier. style needs to be added to seans tricks and then maybe you could say he killed thommy ! but his tricks just have no style!

  41. MegaTasty
    MegaTasty says:

    for one tommy so much smoother and just radical there good filming of course and who in the fuck uses death metal for anything god sounds like a bunch of dogs getting fucked sean is a goof peice of shit and tommy is good as a mother fucker but fuck you guys im out
    thug life ARF ARF

  42. seanp
    seanp says:

    @fuck you , did you really look that kids name up on vimeo?? that is really gay dude….like really gay

  43. xxx
    xxx says:

    Fuck that hucking shit rider #2 did, make your shit look presentable kiddo… then let’s talk

  44. hahahaha
    hahahaha says:

    hahahahahahahahha the only people saying goodthings about sean and bad things about Tommy are his friends…. sad.
    also, Tommy rides with way more style and class. Lookin’ good!

  45. Joey Gollish
    Joey Gollish says:

    Tommy Keith loves the big penis we all know that.
    But it has never hindered his snowboarding, infact it helps!
    Look how suave he is, sorry sean you’re swagless.



  46. fackyourmother
    fackyourmother says:

    hahaha this shits jokes. i wish i knew who was pretending to be me. i actually bought the material and made the plaid shirt myself and it doesent have buttons cuz i never finished it but good guess. i thought when people talked about style they talked about poepls riding style. if i was gonna “say shit about style” i would say i dont give a fuck what your wearing i just want to see shit landed clean. tommy had the benefit of a nice camerah but hes riding on fucking ice we hardly get any snow over in ontario and we only get to ride three and a half months of the year so give the kid some fuckin cred. sean is riding at fucking brighton! i would kill to ride there! neways it is what it is. death metal is sick!!!

  47. wean shitaker
    wean shitaker says:

    im glad everyone hates my music, now no one will listen to it so it doesnt become trendy

    tommy, with all seriousness, great video man, and the banger was fuckin tight

  48. really doe
    really doe says:

    i hate people that hate on that fact that you ride at a sick resort out west. sorry if your on the east coast still, but do something with your life if the boardn ther eblows that bad. sean rode shitty pa mtns till he was 18 and then moved to utaah n rode btown

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