FootyFIEND’s The Glide

“Snowboard parks are such a stale part of snowboarding… It’s like wakeboarding.” – Jeremy Jones

The latest Whistler Park edit from

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  1. freshkush
    freshkush says:

    ive been warning americans about stathis all year. for some reason no one listens to me. some people just under estimate those fuckin canadians

  2. Piles
    Piles says:

    which ever jeremy jones it is can just keep on spending massive amounts of money overlooking that next level.

  3. nigel
    nigel says:

    If that is a Jeremy Jones (jib) quote thats funny,cause his x games video part was the same trick over and over again.Talk about stale.

  4. free burberry
    free burberry says:

    I really hope Stepchild didn’t press a fleet of next year decks misusing the constantly abused apostrophe.

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