Life of Lemi 7


Lemi’s back in Cali just in time for sessions at Squaw, the PB&RJ Finals and closing day at Northstar.

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  1. Gerg!
    Gerg! says:

    Jack Kyle… holy crap! Representin’ Freepuertorico… there must be a Skills and Style outlet store downtown now because this kid is killing it!!!!

  2. scummit co
    scummit co says:

    How you gonna call out tom penny and do a trey flip? Everyone knows he’s got the dopes frontside slips of all time…he musta done over 50 in the old menikamati video..beast!

  3. anotherMasshole
    anotherMasshole says:

    @scummit co
    i don’t know man i thought Reynolds was known for the best fs flips. sick edit everyone killed it.

  4. skilmer
    skilmer says:

    Ive NEVER seen someone get so many props for a fs 160 flip. Reynold IS a real ripper, but I hate hearing how nice his frontside flips are.

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