The Dark Side of the Dangerzone


There’s nothing more metal than snowboarding in the sunshine. Don’t question it.

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  1. Piles
    Piles says:

    snowbrucing was onpoint, but FUCK. at least B.A.K.U. is mysterious and scary, this is jus on par wit pedophilin

  2. satan
    satan says:

    Ba.Ku is the shit. blew it on the song, you’re not allowed to understand what a barrier kult song is saying

  3. Fuckthebullshit
    Fuckthebullshit says:

    fuck all the hating bull shit danger zone edits are usually on point, visconti & gerard aren’t trying to be like one another and aren’t homo’s just two good dudes that dress weird, seen them both with hot blonde dime piece’s who probably eat that I’m so edgy shit up. so fuck it, their styles work for them and are both solid snowboarders. what is there to hate on? jealousy wont won’t get you laid or make you a better rider……..

  4. Joe ama
    Joe ama says:

    i wonder how long it took them to dig that spot out? oh wait… and josh park? where is he at?! i wanted to watch him zeech all over the place

  5. trollhaugan
    trollhaugan says:

    this was just a bad idea. why skateboarders think snowboarding is whack is because of stuff like this

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