Arnette Crew Clash: Yawgoons vs Have Some


Despite some sound sync issues, Kick The Bucket eeked out the victory last week. Ok, ok, they crushed it. We promise the next round will be move eventful and we know you’re all exciting for the Critters vs KTB battle that’s now been set, not to mention they’ve scored themselves prizes from Arnette already. But first, we’ve got a couple more crews and this one is an East Coast battle. The Yawgoons are holding it down for New England, while Have Some is coming out swinging for the Mid Atlantic. In one week’s time, one of the two will be one step closer to a spot in Think Thank’s Ransack Rebellion and your votes will put them there.


Riders: Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski, Zack Wilmot, Mary Rand, and Saara Untracht-Oakner.
Edit: Brendan Gouin
Location: Rhode Island
Song: Life Partners: Aids of Spade/ Del the Funky Homosapien: One in a Million

Have Some

Riders: DANIGGAWITDATATTOOS, Bearcub Mandela, Cooper “The Benedict Arnold of Snowboarding” Thomas, Josh Zerkel, Nathan Cash Forgoldevanko, and Ian Macy. Eric “Taylor Ham or Die” Holly, Leeland Wyler, and Benjamin Mortimer Stout IV with cameos.
Song: Black Clouds: Bigger Than Life
Location: Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania

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The Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette, Think Thank, Yobeat and Banshee Bungee. The winning crew’s video will be featured in the bonus section of Think Thank’s 2011 Movie “Ransack Rebellion” and will also receive a 20′ Banshee Bungee and tons of goggles, sunglasses and accessories from Arnette for the whole crew. The three runners up will also receive prizes from Arnette.

  • killing it


  • Ian Macy told me he would burn a church for every vote Yawgoons gets. Do you hate God?

  • Hate

    Yawgoons are killing it with the new spot list. This is in the bag AND they won the Neff East vs. West!

  • Gorby

    Both are Fuckin sick

    Aj “bearcub mandela” hollla at cha boy

  • ted

    best round so far with both crews throwing down. but I’m going for yawgoonz with those water park shots

  • Dick

    Holy shit West Virginia?

  • Its Ya Mutha Fuckin Mans And Them

  • damn

    how many of these kids have to put del the funkee homosapien in their edits until they realize they are white and have no street cred 🙂 OH WAIT thats why theyre posting edits with del songs

  • FOR THE RECORD: The music was provided for these edits as part of the contest, so find something else to hate on.

  • Flatrails4days

    I must say that every trick in the book has already been done on flat rails and corrugated tubes….

  • I heard those HaveSome guys kiss each other.

  • isthatrevorb

    Brendan comes correct again and again with his edits. Water parks and snowboarding make for good entertainment!

  • Big Meech

    nose press to front three was so sick


    yawgoons by a landslide

  • Whoops

    Most of Yagoos shit was on a flat rail or corrugated tube of some sort. Not thoroughly impressed by these sponsored riders…

  • uh oh

    never seen anyone else do the moves in the 2 tube/flatbar segments

  • Lebron J.

    yawgoons gets my vote.

  • NYstateofmind

    first few tricks in the yawgoons edit were steezy. last trick also was amazing

  • Jordan

    not a question… YAWGOONS

  • oscarthegrouch

    considering have some is from the east coast..they sure had a lot of utah shots in there

  • Joe ama

    josh parker is a faggel tooth

  • mistahfabbydavis

    the better quality video really sold me, hard to watch the second edit due to low quality…sorry

  • dem boys

    dylan and marcus slay shit on the regular

  • Hansi

    That waterslide jib was pretty cool

  • Brett

    Have some hit handrails and yawgoons hit park.

  • truth

    ^dylan’s front three out of the dfd closeout was heavier than any street shot in this contest

  • Jeff

    no way. andrew from ktb switch hard way 180 on to 360 pretzel was prefect.

  • haynus

    ^no one cares about your stupid down rail

  • ham town


  • 989

    yawgoons gettin creative witit but havesome literally rode streets….hmmm

  • street footage einstein…

    yawgoons- 0:27-0:44/ 1:04-1:41/ 2:23-2:40= 1:11
    havesome- 0:28-0:45/0:59-1:26=1:24

  • hey now

    yawgoons video was overall…SO MUCH BETTER

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