Deep Thoughts with Intern RJ

Why do you hire an intern? No seriously, why do you? We haven’t seen ours in weeks. Maybe we bummed him out? Well, to correct this injustice and to educate this future leader of America we decided to put a pen in his hand. We asked, “What have you learned about snowboarding?” The results were shocking.  Life & Snowboarding as told by Intern-RJ is a gripping tale of reality, something that just doesn’t seem to change. -Nick Lipton

By Intern RJ Sweet

Remember your first snowboard? Yeah you know, the cheapest one your parents could find for a Christmas present. It came with some old shitty-ass boots and a hand-me-down coat. Then the next season rolls by and you get the new set up you begged your parents all summer for. At this point you figure you’re the next best thing, the next gift from the snowboard gods, so you pick to either join the Gangster steez or the tight pants homos. You decide to make your first “sponsor” me video. You of course think its rad, but no one else can bare the 10-minute-long shaky pixilated footage filmed by your best friend. But you’re still stoked it has a total of 57 views on Youtube.

Once you’ve concluded having a sponsor is overrated,  you decide to make a super rad crew that only a select few can be apart of, and that select few would be your friends. Then you and your buds create a name (which is probably an inside joke that no one else understands) and logo that is way cooler and creative than anyone else’s out there. You make a couple stickers and a few t-shirts that your mom bought for you to put your “super sick” logo on. Then you obviously make some edits for the world to see. After all, you’re the next coolest crew in snowboarding.

As time progresses you accept that you’re nothing special to the art of snowboarding. You now ride for fun, don’t go up as much cause you actually have to make your own living cause snowboarding didn’t give you the fame and fortune you thought it would have in previous years. You’re nothing but an “average” snowboarder. Good job.


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  1. Dave7
    Dave7 says:

    DAVE LIKES YOUR WORDS! Looks like you don’t have a future in snowboarding but rather a future in making fun of snowboarding.

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