Montana Needs Love

Apparently all 15 people in Montana are sad about never seeing themselves on Yobeat. It’s the only explanation for why we received this video as a submission from two totally different people. They should be careful though, if you make a place look this fun, other people might start moving there.

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  1. jimbokatswilleatus
    jimbokatswilleatus says:

    our beer is served on sundays and can be as potent as we want… suck it utah… filmed and edited in 24 hours


    Kid in the black at 2:00 square up your damn slides, your making this edit look bad.

  3. OP
    OP says:

    so good, T9 stee with metall is the best thing there is, until corey crunk does it. then i’ll go for tight stance with hiphop

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