Hunter Space Cadets

The guys from ICKS are calling this a “feel good spring edit.” I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel kind of uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the music.

Riders: Matt Soranno, Johnny O’Connor, Eric Boobs, Adam Anderton, Erich Stefanzick, Vin Sideli, Buddy Pendergast, Coloton Boehlke and Mark Bondi.

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  1. Bobby Howe
    Bobby Howe says:

    Coloton Boehlke Kills Shit and so does Eric Buczek, that’s why he deserves his real name up here haha

  2. fuck hunter mtn
    fuck hunter mtn says:

    wow i love the cig shot……. not really and how many fucking group shot can you fit in a 3 minute video wow really proud of you guys

  3. matty
    matty says:

    “fuc hunter mtn” is right…snowboarding totally isnt about riding with your friends…what a bunch of fuking losers these kids are

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