Youknowmyfunction SLC Montage


Youknowmyfunction is technically four words, but these guys are just that zany. The movie drops this fall, for now, here are clips from their recent trip to Utah with footage from Canyons and Park City.

Riders: Jordan Daniels, Colin Wilson, Cole Linzmeyer, Vinny, Jeffy Gabrick, Eli Mcelwain, Sam Bakken, Al Binder, Jake Moore, Aaron Becker, and Jesse Paul

  • jerm

    i think its come to the point in the season where the average park edit just doesnt cut it anymore.

  • jerm

    just kidding this totally cuts it

  • jerm

    Haha ya I don’t know what I was thinking when I said that this is the boobies

  • robert

    1:54 was the dirtiest back 3 ever

  • ahh you guys are so cute. thanks for further promoting my interent presense.

  • mn

    i want a full fronius edit. or a blog full of fronius edits, hes too good

  • free burberry

    excellent. song was superb. i’m truly digging the proliferation of motown influenced 60s and 70s tracks in recent edits.

  • Osceola WI

    Colin wilson is smoother than jerm’s underage girlfriends ass.

  • eh.

  • this was kind of like a cinemax porn. just slightly arousing, has music my dad listens to, and will get the job done if you can’t look at all the rest of the videos on the internet.

  • anti jerm


  • ASHfag

    hey upstate mike. suck a dick