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If you haven’t been paying attention, every Friday Russell Winfield has been sharing tales from his glory days of professional snowboarding. This week though, we wanted to appeal more to the “kids” and opened things up for questions in the forum, which Russ so graciously answered. Do you need advice, or just have a question about the man himself? Post it or send it in ([email protected]) and you, too can be part of an upcoming “Ask Uncle Russ Russ.”

Jerm asks, “what are the best adult beverages for pre, during, and post snowboarding?”

Russ answers, “Well I like to get my juice in the morning so anything with fruit juice added is always a good choice. We don’t really promote drinking and boarding so…. Apres is my specialty! We start off with a shot of whiskey. At all times you must have a beer. A macro brew not a micro brew. Then if the mountain you are at has a specialty drink you can try one of those. Use your heart, it’s always right when it comes to picking booze!”

Butch Cassidy asks, “Where was your favorite mountain and why?”

Russ answers, “Personally I like the mountains on the west coast of North America. For some reason I have had all of my best days here on the west coast, from Tahoe up through BC. I can’t really pinpoint one single mountain though. It’s like trying to say which girl is the hottest — they all have their special points!”

Jerm asks, “camber or rocker?”

Russ answers, “Camber between the feet and rocker near the nose and tail.”

Skunky J asks, “How many times have you busted out the “Camo Cock“, and has it landed you in any trouble?”

Russ answers, “More then I would care to tell.. It’s camo cock buddy, you don’t get busted!!!”

DOMidwest asks, “are you still a part of the snowboarding industry?”

Russ answers, “I’m writing this column aren’t I :)”

Skunky J asks, “Do you still get out and ride regularly? Do you ever wish you were still a sponsored pro or did you get your fill?”

Russ answers, “I don’t ride as much as I would like to but I do get some good days with real good people… And I’m too old for that shit, the industry is way different now.”

Skunky J asks, “What are some good pointers for picking up shred betties?”

Russ answers, “You just gotta tell the chicks that you are going to really give it to them better then ever and you will promise them a money back guarantee… No just kidding! Just do some sick tricks on the hill and wear some noticeable clothing. Then make sure you wear your jacket to the bar. You will be surprised, they want action as much, if not more, than you do.”

Lou-Steezy asks, “What is you favorite video part?”

Russ answers, “Anything with Roan Rogers , Devun Walsh or T Rice.”

Got a question? Send it to [email protected] and we’ll get Uncle Russ Russ to answer it!

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