KTC Six Trick Mix


Six more tricks from Keep the Change. Featuring Brendon Rego, Dylan Dragotta, Mike Rav, Mark Wilson.

  • scott

    Yea markk

  • magoo

    last trick was clean as tits

  • dan

    this movie is gonna be straight FIRE

  • jerm

    frontboard was on

  • pharrow

    top tank banger!

  • dg


  • ray finkle

    is that jump a ride on lip to the kink?

  • colton

    Ya they don’t know how to jump on, it sucks

  • jerm

    ollieing takes way too much effort. these guys are onto the right idea with energy conservation.

  • Andrew Aldridge

    Going to be one of the best movies of the year no doubt

  • papaya

    hard in the paint

  • hell yeah
    this is gonna be a good one

  • this video is gonna give kids huge boners.