Super Exclusive Gentlemen’s Club of Snowboarding 2


Once again, this is super exclusive.

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  1. weinerhouse
    weinerhouse says:

    apparently all you have to do to get into this club is tap presses and wear hockey jerseys…

  2. grondofars
    grondofars says:

    weinerhouse. hockey jersey boy is biting grendys. he may say hes not, but he really wants to eat chrises toe jam with a slice of cheese in the morning.


    BuckerTrown or should I say Jeffery is a super exclusive motha floka. Everyone else who’s hating, floss your teeth with my scrotum hairs


    Lets argue about the camera. The quality sucks because I’d rather spend my money on whiskey, cigarettes, and coffee than to please your eyes.

  5. mikeyp
    mikeyp says:

    i wanna see 20 more comments with people crying about hockey jerseys and shitty filming. Its a goddamn edit, shitty filming and ill riding what more could u want, obviously a handful of these marks aint wit it.

  6. your all dumb
    your all dumb says:

    sorry but all you people who hated on this edit, prolly are in a wheelchair like steven hawkins and has a spanish lady wipe your ass for you. stop hating on hardway front three filmed with a camera that steven spielberg wouldnt use. bigg whoop. these guys are ligit. and if they can read this. good job. credit is given when due. jimbo how bout u sit on a pine cone to answer your questions u fag.

  7. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    yeah… uh…. gopro or not you should still wipe that shit off you rookie. I mean, fuck, you have the exact same splatter mark on the lens for like 13 different shots. Quit being lazy. If you actually think you’re good enough to film an edit people are going to want to watch, the least you could do is put a minimal effort into the filming.

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