Introducing the 2011 Roxy Shooting Star

Over the past weeks, we were continually impressed as the entries for our inaugural Roxy Shooting Star video contest came in. The level of riding was pushed with every video. Within the first few days, we saw Michelle Zellar’s solid spins and flips, and crowned our first winner, though it was a tough decision with Veroniqi Hanssen’s rail tech in the mix. Then, when week two winner Stephanie Sue Feld stomped a backside rodeo, we kind of thought it was all over. In week three though, the entries stayed strong and some heavy rail shredders submitted some seriously technical videos. Week three winner Alice Gorton‘s back three out even left Nick Lipton calling for a gender check. We didn’t think it could get much better, then in week four, we were introduced to Corinne Pasela. The 19-year-old from Ohio had a bag of rail tricks that easily could have been pulled from last year’s Peep Show video, and the world took notice.

In the week following our last award, videos continued to roll in and the bar had definitely been raised. On the final day of submissions, we received an entry from Danyale Patterson out of Anchorage that suddenly made the contest very hard to judge. We actually had to call in a few extra judges including Kimmy Fasani and Raewyn Reid, but in the end we all agreed: serious hammers on serious rails with absolutely no flailing is what it takes to be a shooting star.

Congratulations to Corinne Pasela the 2011 Roxy Shooting Star. Erin Comstock wanted us to give you this message:

It was awesome watching your footage!  I watched it with Kimmy Fasani and Raewyn Reid and we all tripped out on your skills!  Solid back 3 out on the down kink rail!  And sweet switch up!  Keep killing it, I hope to see you in future films!!!

Corinne will receive a Roxy hardgoods set up including a Roxy board and bindings, and $1000. We’re pretty sure this won’t be the last you’ll be hearing of her. We’ll also be sending additional prizes to the five videos with the most likes, so Jackie Lammert, Ashley Sinclair, Michelle Zellar, Zoe Mayers and Jen Cusick should keep an eye on their mailboxes.

Thank you to everyone who entered and followed the competition, we’ve already started planning for next year and plan to make it even bigger and better! Be sure to check out all the entries at the official Shooting Star Youtube Page.

In case you missed it, here is Corinne’s fill video.

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  1. steeezzzyyyy
    steeezzzyyyy says:


    thank you roxy for actually picking the legit girl video!

    girl throws down like a dude, so sexy. (:

  2. corinnelvrsix9
    corinnelvrsix9 says:

    yessssssssssssss corinne 8) so happy and cant wait to ride with you next year!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ohiolegend
    ohiolegend says:

    SO pumped for an ohian!!!! I have been to all those rails and let me be the first to say that Corinne did better tricks then me on every single one of them. Couldn’t be happier for her, dont know her personally, but I have only heard good things. Good luck and keep ripping the rails!

  4. Kudos
    Kudos says:

    Congrats to Corinne and huge kudos to yobeat for featuring this competition/series on the front page right up there with all other usual updates, rather than keeping it on some sort of “girl” section that no one will ever visit.

  5. jason
    jason says:

    soooo stoked for you corinne!! you really are dam good on a snowboard and your also one of the coolest girls i know!! defff deserved it!!!!!

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