EB Reporting Live from the Shop Showdown

And by live, we mean, a week and a half later. Still, watch as some of your favorites, including Mike Ravelson, Tanner McCarty, Dylan Dragotta, Ian Hart compete for ultimate shop glory at Loon Mountain. In involves at least one fake mustache, so you know it’s gonna be good.


  • Loon & EB always team up for unequaled events! Thanks for helping put the East Coast on the map!

    I was stoked our Cult to get up there and have as much fun as they did! They Jerseyed the hell out of the Free State.

    Ian Keay & Henry Padden along with Jordan Parks & Tanya Schmid, thanks for repping Credo guys!



  • karnkarn

    Padden for the win! funny vid

  • yoyougotfruit

    possibly the greatest thing ever

  • rad!!

  • ForWonThree

    Hell yeah Credo Guidos!