Alcoholics and Assholes at Ski Bowl

“AA” stands for “Alcoholics Anonymous,” but I guess that could mean just about anything. Alcoholics and Assholes? On April 1st Atmopshere and SKIBOWL held a rail jam of that name on its world famous rope tow. After it rained every day in March in Oregon, the sun somehow made its way out on this perfect Friday, and all the Alcoholic Assholes showed up for it. “April Fools!”

No seriously, the event was a great success. And how could it not be? The rope tow is world famous and SKIBOWL set up some good lookin’ features with down bars and well, you’ll see in the edit. They even played pretty decent music all day. Awards were given out for huck your meat, best trick, and riders choice. All the sponsors hooked it up with real sweet gear. So kick back, grab your self a brew and watch this sweet edit with really good music and the best cuts you’ve ever seen in your life. Keep the fires outta Govy and get ready for April…. fools!! –Chef Ryan Falk

Thanks to all the event sponsors: Atmosphere, SKIBOWL, Thirsty Convoy, Rome, Yobeat, Hobo, Illusive, Rollic, Windells, DSImagery, Shred NW Magazine, POW, and the US Forest Service

Photo gallery courtesy of DS Imagery.

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18 replies
  1. herpderp
    herpderp says:

    At first, I was semi-impressed by this edit. There were a lot of zeaches in the beginning. But then Project Pat started playing, and this became an awesome edit with some decent riding.

  2. tow rope authority
    tow rope authority says:

    whats all the hoo-ha about a world famous rope tow? that thing looked slow as hell!

  3. jackdaniels
    jackdaniels says:

    these oregon kids actually think they’re better than anyone else thats not from their state too.

  4. Been Drinking.
    Been Drinking. says:

    Some drink and some falls… all and all just a drunken haze. not to much but just enough.

  5. grondofars
    grondofars says:

    not even a swivel back three. i would have won this contest with a burton curl over those stairs probly.

  6. Atmosphere Clothing.
    Atmosphere Clothing. says:

    Big shout to all who came out and of course the skibowl park crew and cat drivers.
    Check for more random shit about boarding with your drinking.

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