Another Loon Video!

The season at Loon is still kicking (ass) and Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, Zack Wilmot, Mike Ravelson are still good. You know the deal.

edit: Brendan Gouin

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  1. Gerg!
    Gerg! says:

    Damn, that Gamache kid has amazing style, who let him out of RI!?!?!? The Foxy Lady called and wants its hotness back…

  2. alpal
    alpal says:

    I dont like to hate, but that spy edit was really really bad.
    I had to stop watching after they dropped that super sick fast forward sequence where the dude jumped off the lips of all of the rail sliding obstacles so he could do a mini back three at the end of his line.


    I like the fact that this video is tagged as east coast kids rule, and for once I’ll give them a little credit. This edit wasn’t bad (for the east). It didn’t make me wish I was blind, but made me want to tear my ears off instead.

  4. G dun
    G dun says:

    fire edit from dr.b! dylan is the fuckin truth son, ride with him and you will see, marcus throwing down after having emergency surgery on his intestine last month? thats just straight gully. i dont really know rav and zach that well but they came through with real shit. those dudes are ok in my book!

  5. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Couldn’t even watch the video… Bohemian Rhapsody was a sick choice if you’re putting together your AK Heli edit, but seriously? Not a good choice for a park edit. I’m sure the riding was cool, but I just couldn’t do it

  6. The Foxy Lady. Providence,RI
    The Foxy Lady. Providence,RI says:

    jimbo get the dildo out of your butt and watch the edit. pretty solid.

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