Win Hadar’s NIKE Zoom Force 1

It’s spring, and the snow isn’t the only thing getting mushy. At this point your boots can probably serve as your slippers post riding, so why not win yourself a new pair of stylish Zoom Force 1’s? Now we know what you’re thinking: These are girls boots and I am the manliest of men that I know. But here’s the thing: free stuff is free stuff and there are plenty of reasons you might need/want girl’s boots. For example:

1. You have small feet and getting free stuff would compensate for the other thing that goes along with having small feet.
2. You could use them to hook up with that girl you’ve been stalking all season.
3. They match your outfit better than the guys model.

And there are lots of other reasons so…

Nike Snowboarding hooked us up with two pairs of Hadar’s Zoom Force 1 boot and we’re gonna give them away. To enter, just comment with a reason you want these boots. The contest is open to dudes, chicks, or anyone else who might want them. Just make sure to use your real email address so we can contact you when you win.

Two pairs of boots will be given away. One to award the most generally convincing and entertaining entry (and it’ll help your chances if it has a lot of likes), and the other winner will be chosen at random on Monday April 4, 2011. You can research more reasons you want the Zoom Force 1 at and make sure to watch the commercial featuring the lovely Ms. Hadar herself.

95 replies
  1. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    I could trade them to a snowboarding “Massage Therapist” in exchange for a “Massage.” If you catch my drift. I could really use it my back has been killing me all season.

  2. Jake
    Jake says:

    well u see i want nike snowboarding boots because it just so happens that the snowboard boots i am currently using are worn out to shit and for the cost of boots these days i just dont have enough money to buy a decent pair so i would love it if you could give me a free pair of boots…yeah

  3. Enzo
    Enzo says:

    I’m going to be real to you guys. I’m fucking broke and my boots are beat to shit. Hook it up naaaaaasayin????

  4. cholmes
    cholmes says:

    I’m getting kicked out of my brother’s place by his girlfriend who is a recluse and hates life. She once said she wanted to learn how to snowboard because my brother and I are way sweeter than her. If I win these, I’m gonna tell her, “Oh, it’s too bad you’re kicking (“you’ve kicked” depending on the date) me out, the boots just came for the setup I was gonna give you.”

    Then I’m gonna put them on and punt her dog, cause I don’t like that thing either.

  5. nate
    nate says:

    Could use the fur in Minnesota below temperatures. It’d be nice to get thrown some gear and pay off some student loans rather then spending paychecks on new boots for next season.

  6. Jordy
    Jordy says:

    I need new boots because unlike all these boys I wouldn’t look retarded wearing girly boots on the hill and mine are falling apart 🙂

  7. meroregon
    meroregon says:

    I need them to give to my sister so she can get off her gay ass used skis and see why snowboarding is so much better

  8. Unlce Terry
    Unlce Terry says:

    With these boots I could curb stomp some serious hipsters and keep it classy at the same time with the fur.

  9. doodguy
    doodguy says:

    I put my 32s next to a heater and the liner and boot itself melted down just about nothing. been riding those since December and the left one doesn’t even get tight.

  10. gfa
    gfa says:

    Ayo its my birthday on monday so winning this would be doope, oh yeah im in major need of buns and if i get these maybe i can convince some kusty snowboarder chick to get down. hooka brother upp

  11. steezzzyy
    steezzzyy says:

    not complaining, but….

    it’s been a shitty season.

    i broke my ankle at the beginning of the season, three weeks out and shredding again i break my radius.

    new boots would be definite pick me up.

    maybe i deserve a break? (;

    (also, i’m even a girl, so they’d be put to good use…comon’ yobeat!)

  12. AbeFroman
    AbeFroman says:

    I’m a broke ass college kid, need new boots cuz mine are beat to shit from shreddin in VT all season. Hook a brudda up!?

  13. lexi
    lexi says:

    1. im actually a girl
    2. i broke both of my wrists 2 weeks ago after fucking up on a jump
    3. had surgery on thursday on both wrists and now have screws in both
    4. i have to wear a huge foam block around (looks similar to spongebob) so i dont bump my wrists on anything and everybody fucks with me about it
    5. getting stitches out/casts on for 10 WEEKS on wednesday
    6. won’t be able to snowboard at all for the rest of the season

  14. jackdaniels
    jackdaniels says:

    i would like to have them so i can make easy profit on ebay and renew my thrasher subscription

  15. kc
    kc says:

    You should give me these boots because i am not a girl, i wont give them to my girlfriend, i did not break a bunch of bones these season, i am not getting kicked out of my brothers girlfriends place (what kinda white trash shit is that?) I am however from michigan, pretty depressing, so is it too much to ask for a little fur on my boots while ride down some garbage dumps covered in ice?

  16. o12
    o12 says:

    Ok, so i break my collarbone doctors miss it, couple of weeks go by so i go back they see it.. 7 weeks pass, imma need surgery = no more snowboarding =?

    =BEER! BEER = Hard liquor.

    And as most of y’all know hard liquor on top of 10 to 20 beers, on a 2 to 3 nights a week type of game doesnt just burn a hole in your wallet, it burns a hole in your brain too, especially 2-3 hours post 10-20 beers + hard liquor and to sum that up = No girlfriend, No new girlfriend, headache, need new boots to get old girlfriend back cause she’s fine o’ so fine.

  17. Taylor
    Taylor says:

    1. I’m a girl who snowboards, so they’d serve their purpose nicely.
    2. “Free” fits my student budget of No Money Ever.
    3. Winning/owning these would improve the chances of my boyfriend ever loving me more than he does Laura Hadar.

  18. tuck
    tuck says:

    i am wearing a pair of boots with liners from another pair of boots and they suck but if the boots didn’t fit i few ladies in mind who might want some boots in exchange for some good old lovin. my feet need help and my area is small so not many options on the females.. HELP

  19. Hadar Don't Board
    Hadar Don't Board says:

    anyone else think it’s funny that Laura Hadar has a pro-model boot, and doesn’t fucking snowboard?

  20. Amanda soxy frontiero
    Amanda soxy frontiero says:

    1. Suprised I haven’t busted an ankle yet (knock on wood) my 32s were great but after 4 years in em yah they do feel like slippers. 2. Seriously how do u get rid of the I’ve been riding all day I’n a swamp smell…win new boots. 3. I am a girl…so girl boots might be In order. 4. I am actually getting the hang of this snowboarding thing, and I’m pretty sure new boots would helpe even more
    <3 soxy.

  21. Anna
    Anna says:

    I need them because I’m a girl who shreds, and my boots are starting to smell like my boyfriends boots…sickening!

  22. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    These boots will look rad on my feet. I need something to replace my p.o.s. boots that are older than dirt and soak up the pacific ocean everytime they touch the snow. I have to complete my look with some ‘boots with the fur…’ 😀 which inspired me…

    Imagine Flo-Rida’s ‘Low’ tune in your head…

    ‘Shawty had them Nike’s on her feet
    Boots with the fur
    All the park rats lookin’ at her
    She hit the pipe
    Stylin’ it right
    Shawty got free boots boots boots boots boots boots boots boots’

    Yeah. I don’t rap. Ha. My broke ass just really needs some f’n new boots.

  23. Girl rider
    Girl rider says:

    1st year rider, already worn out my board and first pair of boots!!! :)! Nike’s are the best and fit my narrow feet…would love nothin more than to rock these sick boots for spring season!

  24. Pat Coggins
    Pat Coggins says:

    Those boots are fly even for a dude. I go to school at Champlain College in Burlington VT. If youve ever been to Burlington you’d know this is the mother fucking place to be in college and ride.
    I would rep these boots all day every day just to show everyone how much of a shredder i am until i find that one bitch thats trying to get down. Thats when a trade comes in my favor and around here i could easily use those to my advantage 😉 if you get what im sayin.

  25. joey
    joey says:

    I pissed off my fiance real bad and i need to figure out some way to get back in the house! I think shiny new ZF-1s might do the trick

  26. Angela
    Angela says:

    I want these boot$ because “ride like a guy, smell like a guy” is not trending in 2012. The fact that my boots are under a strict Never Allowed Inside the Subie, Never Allowed in the House Policy (the latter enforced by my mother) is a tad embarrassing for a young honey such as myself. I may not be rolling in the dough now, but when I patent this DIY chloroform I’m going to be rich!

    PS Yes, I googled “the drug you put on a cloth over someones nose to make them pass out” Thank god for friendly, knowledgable rapists, err excuse me, people

  27. El Shizz
    El Shizz says:

    I hired some idiot moron painters to paint my guest room and I keep my gear in the guest room closet- which has louvered doors with the slats in them. They painted the doors with a sprayer and got paint on all my clothes and snow gear. Now everything is striped white on one side. Kinda like in that mentos commercial where the guy sits on the bench with wet paint. So, I need new boots at the very least.

  28. Being a Girl Rocks!
    Being a Girl Rocks! says:

    Being a girl is the best, we can wear guys clothes. If they wear ours, they get funny looks. =)

  29. brian heinrich
    brian heinrich says:

    I have men’s 7 feet and it’s a pain in the ass the try to find boots that will fit. it’s easy to find shoes on sale but it’s hell to find a boot that wont become too big with in 10 days of riding. if I could trade a pair for some lovin an have a pair to ride in I’d be more than hyped.

  30. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    um my boots laces are held together by zipties at the moment, im on my 3rd pair of laces this season, but more importantly if i were to win these boots i would probably get one of those backpack boomboxes and play that one song you know that one that is like APPLE BOTTOM JEANS BOOTS WITH THE FUR WITH THE FURRR while doing park laps all next season with my shirt off with my new boots with the fur.

  31. aint no snow bunny
    aint no snow bunny says:

    i could come up with an amazing fake sob story about how i need these boots and woe is to me because i cant afford a new pair bla bla bullshit, or i can just tell you that i deserve the boots most because ill look best in them. no contest.

    holy crap there are a lot of complainers from michigan on here. i love the mitten, us kids know how to ride ice and park better than most. represent!

  32. Lance
    Lance says:

    I need new boots because i have had burton moto’s for the past three years. They are the worst boot on the market and i bought them because they were cheap. Now i am a tank and kill every feature and these boots are beginning to crumble. Please hook me up with these.

  33. RA
    RA says:

    i’m introducing my girlfriend to snowboarding! she has no gear at the moment, i’m collecting some stuff for her. it’s a win win situation introducing another cute chick to the game.

  34. Nor'east Fucktard
    Nor'east Fucktard says:

    My lady has the worse luck with gear. She had a pair of boots at the beginning of the season and the sole started coming apart. We shoe goo’d it and then the laces broke. Since the boots were a shitty pair she got because her old boots fell apart it wasnt worth trying to replace the laces. So she got a pair of Nitro’s and just this morning while getting ready to head out for the day, the velcro setup on the insert ripped right off. All day she was complaining about how her ankle was loose as shit.
    She needs new fucking boots that arent gonna fall the hell apart. Oh yeah she kills it too.

  35. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    i need these boots because i am the only girl thats ever in the park and i need some respect from the boys

  36. aaron
    aaron says:

    took my girlfriend snowboarding the other day and im not tryin to ever wait 30 minutes to get down a run again. im tryin to give her these to get her off my nuts so i can send dat hoe to the bunny slopes for the day. fresh boots and she can get some practice in before she fucks up another of my riding days

  37. Ryland
    Ryland says:

    My chick has the worst smelling most vile smelling boots known to man. Her boots smell so bad that they make my diy window tinting peel off, because it wants to escape this toxic gas. I have to make her wear them all the way home and take them off on the deck. Some new boots with the furr would might fix this problem, or she might just have stinky feet.

  38. Aurélie
    Aurélie says:

    I want to win these in order to be able to finally BURN some Nike boots.
    I just can’t afford spending monney for that act of resistance.
    Thanks Yobeat.

  39. chadmo
    chadmo says:

    My gf posted already to try and win these (codename steezzyy)

    …but you should give them to me instead… i’m still gonna give them to her, so they’ll def get some good use. But if i win em I’ll be the hero and will get some good dome out of the deal.

    !!!!!Wooo everyone wins!!!!!!

    …well maybe not everyone, but you can feel like a winner inside knowing you got a snowboarder domed up and made a snowbunnys day.

  40. The deafness
    The deafness says:

    These boots look perfect for kicking small children and Texans! Oh and that one volcom team rider who was a huge asshole to me at Keystone. I’ll kick him too.

    And besides, Nike already gave you the boots, right? I’m guessing that we don’t get to pick the sizes, so maybe like 90% of the commenters are fucked? I wear 6.5 or 7 (6.5 takes longer to pack out than 7). If you have either of those sizes, then I’m the clear winner!

  41. Scott
    Scott says:

    I need these boots because I’m graduating from college in May with $53K dollars in debt and I wont be able to afford boots for the next thirty years.

  42. Pat
    Pat says:

    I need these so I can start my own website and do this exact same contest on it cuz making it look like I’m sponsored by nike will make me cool

  43. getbuckwiths8n
    getbuckwiths8n says:

    i have a severe case of chicken legs and my inability to grow manly calve muscles forces me to wear women boots.

  44. KyleForster
    KyleForster says:

    Im poor. Very Poor!
    And my boots are 3 years old and 2 sizes two small. So I really need new boots. Before my friends refuse to take me to the mountian anymore. Because my boots smell like rotten milk, dog shit, and some owful smelling chemicals all mixed in one. And There are some benifits of me winning. For Yobeat And me !
    Benifits of me winning:
    I will have rides to the mtn every weekend cuz my friends will think my boots are BA!
    And…….. I can turn without my boots bending out of my binding !
    Benifits for you, if I win:
    You dont have to ship the boots across the country. Or anywhere! Because I go to school with your intern Rjizz, so you could just make him deliver them 😉
    Thankss Yobeat, And Yobeat’ers! For liking this comment ! ;D

  45. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    After breaking myself off this season I decided I suck at pretending I can ride park and should just stick to trying to look good on the mountain. I heard “Hood-Rat Chic” is going to be “in” next season. Naturally these would work PERFECTLY with my apple bottom jean snow pants

  46. hot toddy
    hot toddy says:

    1. because i’m not a pussy, but I have one.
    2. because i often get wicked stoney and take said ‘pussy’ up on the hill to look good and drink 40’s all day …errday.
    3. because when I shred, I listen to this song: and dream about rapping on stage in some cushy fur-cuffed Nikes, tongue all popped, pants rolled up… shiiii son.

    (and because Jerm told me YoB is going to give the boots to the post with the most DISLIKES… sooooo).

  47. Teddi
    Teddi says:

    Those booties gotta be mine!
    My boots are torn up D: I need to ride ASAP before the season ends, and these Nikes are buck as fuck. This chick needs help!

    Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
    Mother mother fuck. Mother mother fuck fuck. Mother fuck mother fuck.
    Noise noise noise.
    1 2 1 2 3 4
    Noise noise noise.
    Smokin weed, smokin weed.
    Doin’ coke, drinkin beers.
    Drinkin beers, beers beers.
    Rollin’ fatties, smokin blunts.
    Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts.
    Rollin’ blunts and smokin um

  48. Nick
    Nick says:

    I’d use them to fight off the alien horde that keeps pestering me when im trying to learn switch back 5’s. It’s not my fault I can’t land it.

  49. Tom
    Tom says:

    My girlfriend’s boots are six years old and her feet hurt when she snowboards with me, if you understand the full implications of this discomfort on both her health and mine you will understand why she needs these so badly.

    Thank Yo, Beat

  50. BenR
    BenR says:

    my girl rips harder than most of the prepubescent losers on here jocking for free boots that won’t fit them anyway…enough said.

  51. Connor
    Connor says:

    I want these boots cause I want to be as sexy as hadar. People will enjoy my snowboarding more too, because let’s face it, people like to look at Laura hadar

  52. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    These boots would be sick! Would be a great replacement for my 32’s that blew up this season!

    Being a student can’t really afford too much, but these would help for sure!

    plus Hadar x Nike x Yobeat = win….lots of win.

  53. Mollie
    Mollie says:

    Guys, my solomon’s are literally breaking apart and smell like Shaun White’s ego. It hurts to ride them and I have 0 cash to replace them. If I win these I will give all of you hugs when I see you in the park.. (after I kick your asses on the rails.)

  54. El Shizz
    El Shizz says:

    my salomons are ten fucking years old and have the support of a pair of lace panties. but that neither here nor there. I can get my wife to try snowboarding if I hook her up with some “cute” boots. kick ’em down.

  55. admin
    admin says:

    Thanks for the entertainment every one. Taylor (#31) wins for being the only one to apparently master the likes concept (and because we want her boyfriend to love her) and the random gods selected Teddi (#83). Congrats! contest over.

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