The Global Park Report

If there’s one thing that unites snowboarders around the globe, it’s park laps. Doesn’t matter what language you speak or if you think seaweed is good food or not, riding park is fun. Since we obviously LOVE park videos (and know you do too) here’s a round up of some of the more exotic park videos we’ve received lately.

We’ll start our tour at Rolga, Slovenia. Slovenia is in the middle of Europe, tucked between Italy and the Adriadic Sea. And it’s spring there!

A bit further east we find the Ninja Squad, Bulgaria’s answer to the tight pants/ ironic trick movement.

Skip over Sibera and all that junk and you get to Japan. Lately Japan has been the source of bad news, but Nikita girls Alice Gong and Gabby Maiden seem to be making the best of it.

And finally, jump over the Pacific Ocean and you come to a foreign land called Canada. In the middle of Canada, you’ll find Banff, and on one of the few sunny days this season, the Cheyenne Social club took some park laps of themselves.

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  1. The only reason
    The only reason says:

    why half of these edits weren’t rejected was so you could come up with a witty post that had a theme.

  2. Cookout
    Cookout says:

    ^idiots, this was rad. Japan shredding? I’m pretty sure lizards are turning into godzilla over thatta way, and eastern europe? how often do you get to see the rusted belt?

  3. fact
    fact says:

    mattd, your comment pretty much explains how fucked up you are.

    and USA…oh come on, USA, seriously? better know your history.

  4. JanBanan
    JanBanan says:

    why can girls never ollie? this annoys the hell out of me, and is also why i hate watching female edits.

  5. jester
    jester says:

    ugh those girls were da worst i hated it i really just wish girls could pop it s like my worst fear is watcvhing girls snowbaording it s painful no wonders they fall so hard

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