Story Time with Uncle Russ Russ: Toy Soldiers

Another week, another story from the legend and total gentleman Mr. Russell Winfield. Sit down, gather ’round and enjoy Uncle Russ Russ’ first story as told on American soil.

Trade shows are a very important part of the action sports industry and culture, and the Fall show seems to be the show that releases a lot of the snowboard vids’ and this is where our story begins.
San Diego was my home port for most of my career. Which made it real easy when the trade shows came to the beach.. This particular yr it was in San Diego and the Ride movie “Toy Soldiers” was Premiering. Now your going to have to excuse my old age because I have forgotten the name of the bar that we had it at. It was actually one of our local afternoon watering holes and was next door to the worlds best shop Pacific Drive in Pacific Beach. The bar was only steps from the board walk and one of the homies, Loane, was the bouncer so we knew we were good. Ride was not showing at the show but don’t think for a minute that there was a lack of buzz going around about the vid’. Since we were groundbreaking bad MFer’s everybody wanted to see the vid’. Ken and Damon From Circus also helped and were down for the vid’! This was old school style. The vid’ started at 7PM I think and everybody pretty much went directly from the show to the bar.

Here’s the vid’ Russ is talking about.

There were no big screens, no stage, just a beach bar with sand on the floor and a deck were you could fish for chicks who were walking by while smoking cigs. The bar did have four TVs or so because it was a local Sunday football hangout. I remember being over at PD drinkin with the boys ‘till about 6:45 and we decided to make our grand appearance. If you have never been to a trade show let me tell you something. It is like a three-day runway show for a brutha like me! I need to be dipped freshly everyday with gear from the sponsors. This is part of my walking billboard. You know I was DUBBED out with some unreleased DC’s PD hat SHININ. We get to the bar next door at it was packed. I was HAMMERED. I can’t remember but I think I might have gotten on the Bar and taken the Master of Ceremonies position. It was kinda’ weird. There was this chick who was on me from the very moment I walked into the bar. At first she kinda’ creeped me out. If you haven’t seen the Ride movie my part is kinda’ in the middle. I remember rewinding it and rewinding it three or four times and commentating. After the third or fourth time and more likely third or fourth shot I decided that I would temporarily let these people out of my grasp. There she was!!! Dammit’ woman can’t a guy breath. I kind of brushed her off. I noticed that she just went over and was flirtin’ with this other black skater dude. Not a pro or anything just some PD lurker. I knew that no matter how drunk I got that this gurl would still wanna go home with me! Perfect, so I decided to get as hammered as possible.
Check back next week for Part II of this story. Seriously, check back, this story really gets good. Alcohol + a lot of Alcohol + Chicks + Wait a minute… That’s what you have to look forward too.

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  1. Greg
    Greg says:

    I was looking for this video for years and never found.
    I’ve got it on VHS in ’90. It was all music mixed by Greyboy

    Toy Soldiers is the best skate style snowboard video I ever seen!

    Roan Rogers, Jason Ford, Russel Winfield, Dale Rehberg, Jake Blattner ( Ride Snowboards/Pacific Drive) Big Respect!!!

    Do You have full Toy Soldier Movie?

  2. matt crofts
    matt crofts says:

    Mate, I have searched the net for the full length movie, nothing??? I really want the soundtrack and everyone cuts the movie half way just as the music gets great! let me know if you find it!


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