The Life of Lemi


This is actually the fourth installment in the Life of Lemi, but I think we get the idea. He boards, he drinks, he has a grand old time. Snowboarding on the East Coast has never looked so fun so for so long.

Video: Strap’d Up

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  1. fuck yea!!!
    fuck yea!!! says:

    holy shit just watched all the life of lemis, they are very enjoyable and have kept getting better

  2. jerm
    jerm says:

    these episodes are actually pretty sick to watch. no bullshit trying to be cool guys. just guys out doing there thing


    Wow can i hear some more Reggae(reGAY). That i all i wanna hear is more has been easterners with their squeeky little voices talk about how rebellious they think they are. The only part of that video that didnt make me wanna fight blind kids was mike rav.

  4. nugget
    nugget says:

    eastcost has been on fire for awhile, mt snow might have the best park in country, all you old (ice coast)haters might want to take notes…….

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