Slashin’ For Scotty at Brighton

Scotty Goodale passed away tragically after hitting a tree in past February. This weekend friends and would-have-been friends will gather at Brighton to ride and remember him. Check the flier for all the details:

For those not familiar with Scotty, FOTD just posted up his full part from the classic Flick GenPro on Check the site, check the video and never forget how short life is, so enjoy every moment of it!

  • Warranty Mike

    Late in the spring of 2002 a friend and I were finishing a sled session on Guardsman’s pass. On the way back to the parking lot, in the middle of nowhere, we found scotty riding a rail. In the woods. By himself. In May. We asked him what was up, and he said he just wanted to polish his jib skills without a bunch of dudes around. That’s dedication.

    Scotty was one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever met. I really valued the few times I got to shred with him. And he was far and away my favorite Milo employee.

  • Rossarita

    One of the nicest guys I had the pleasure of knowing.