Northstar Hobos


Last Wednesday’s webisode, because we’re apparently that bad at the Internet now.

Riders: Zander, Josh Bishop, R.P., Blake Geis, and Colin Walters.

  • Griffindor

    Solid edit guys, really sick.

  • minnesotanice

    Yeah RP!

  • token

    even though it was this gay ass mini camera called gopro, i really like this one…

  • mikerav

    very sick

  • mistahfabbydavis

    effin dope

  • 2dank.


    Right on Josh

  • Hell yeah Josh

  • mn


  • Thundersnow

    I don’t care what anyone says Northstar always looks like fun.

    Bitchin edit.

  • cheese- the headiest

    daang shii sick yo. yo yo yo. ghglkj yo

  • dante

    ya doooods. zander killin it

  • jaboy

    colin is the man

  • That bad? too bad you guys kill it……

  • H8onyah


  • kyle

    I was expecting the real RP, this imposter, was disappointing…

  • dumbass that was rp

  • minnesotanice

    def was RP.

  • Will

    Fucking dope edit

  • im really cool im blake geis

    im a joke to snowboarding

  • WeieLT more ocmments