ICKS Has Cabin Fever (Again)


Fuckin’ Huntah and the dudes who know it best, IceCoastKillsShit.com.

  • b.f.

    :52 seconds = HOT

  • karnkarn

    park looked greatt. chill songo

  • GHP

    Park looks on point. Good edit.


    We all know that the east coast sucks. Just listen to those landings. The only thing worse than that frozen hell hole to the East is the songs they use in their edits.

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    I liked it

  • Fonzie

    That was dope, good edit with stylish tricks / fun jibs. Good song choice too, commenter #4 obviously can’t handle Cher Chez La Ghost

  • adk_pete

    #4 is just mad cause he can’t handle NY pussy

  • luke

    yeah eric!