It’s Friday at Park City!


If the tsunami in Japan didn’t to convince you that the end is near, then maybe the fact 16 million people (and counting) have watched Rebecca Black’s song Friday will. This video is, however, is more hilarious if you’ve seen the video for that one so join the party!

Riders: Austin Norlin, Drew Brighton, Corey Kembitzky, Cody Lee, Caleb Balsman, Ben Bilodeau, Evan Drage, Scott Blewitt, Cameron Neilson, Rex Cordon, Jordan Morse, and Griffin Siebert.

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  1. Gerg!
    Gerg! says:

    Sean Black’s sister?

    Oh, and this video reminds me how difficult real halfpike riding is… much respect to all those that are still doing it!

  2. SeAn KRaHamm!
    SeAn KRaHamm! says:

    Yo dem st.louis boiis was dope! Dat Caleb thug and dat krumpbitzky bug was Narstayy! Oh ann da rest a dems was funky frush toooo!. Vide0 make me wann T00t n b00t, Jerk, SMak My M0ms, An SmanG YA SMELL MEEEEEYYYYYY!

  3. herpderp
    herpderp says:

    Totally knew someone was going to make an edit to this song. Thanks for making my dreams come true. Solid riding by the way.

  4. Hank Friday go pro yobeat Brown
    Hank Friday go pro yobeat Brown says:

    Ginger Kids can’t be hoodrich or snowboard. rot in hell you soulless yobeat zoobie bitches!

  5. BenR
    BenR says:

    that terrible terrible song makes me want to ask one question… What sort of “partying” do 13 year old white kids do? God aweful…the edit on the other hand makes me want a cobra dog more than anything.

  6. boardjumpz
    boardjumpz says:

    After watching the real Rebecca Black music video I’ve discovered that partying for 13 year old white kids is for the most part made up of high fives and chants of “fun”

  7. flap slap
    flap slap says:

    That guy was naked. That was awkward. This is the most homosexual song I have ever heard. I’m assuming that’s what they were going for? The snowboarding was fun though and that’s what matters most.

  8. Uhhh
    Uhhh says:

    Fuck these kids im sick of seeing these fucking gay ass weekend edits of kids that go to school where is the bottle smashing cheap hookers and tall cans wtf yo beat

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